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4 Relaxing Indoor Activities For The Cold Season

  The most wonderful time of the year is here and if you're anything like me, you're probably busier than ever. Trust me, I know how that feels! When the weather was still friendly, I used to love and go for long walks to clear my head and relax a little, but with this cold, I'd rather skip that for the moment. But what is it to do, when you're stuck inside but you're still craving for that me time that you need like air? Well, luckily you are here and I have a few tips for you, tips that will help you fight the boredom and have a great time in the comfort of your own home. Ready? Enjoy!

Top Places in Mumbai for Celebrity Spotting

Bollywood is the first name that knocks the mind when we utter the name of Mumbai. It is the place where film-stars and film-makers of Bollywood reside. And, this is the reason Mumbai is the heart-throb of all hard-core fans of Bollywood. If you have ever dreamt of rubbing shoulder with a celebrity or take a selfie with your favorite star, then check the Mumbai hotels list immediately and get ready to begin your hunt.


How many articles about the royal engagement do you think were circulating right after the announcement? If we gave you a number do you think you’d know if it was under or over the actual figure?

4 Ways You Can Get Whiter Teeth While Spending Less

If there are two things that are universal across humanity, they’re almost certainly a good-looking smile and a hatred of spending money you’d rather not. The two goals often seem to be completely incompatible – it takes work to look this good, and let me tell you it isn’t cheap, either – but there are some times that you can look your best without spending a lot.
There’s more than one way to get a brilliant, white smile and still have some money left over for other things in your life. In fact, some of these methods aren’t just inexpensive ways to brighten your smile; they’re also ways to increase your overall dental health at the same time, and all without breaking the bank. Here are 4 ways you can get whiter teeth while spending less.

4 Legal Issues Commonly Faced In Case Of A Divorce

Marriage, a wonderful bond between two people, has the potential to turn into the worst dissolution of all in just a moment with just a flick of a finger. Initially, marriage is between two loving people, but when it comes to divorce, it influences the children conceived in a family as well. These children are then affected mentally, emotionally and physically. Since mothers care the most for their children it affects them too and this is precisely why being a Single Mom is so tough. It’s not just the emotional elements single mothers also have to go through legal issues so here are some legal issues that single moms might have to face.