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Why Starting Your Own Business Can Boost Your Self Esteem

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Jane is a college graduate but has been unable to secure a job since graduation. Ever since her first interview where she was embarrassed by her interviewers she avoided interviews like a plague. She remained dependent on her dad who didn’t mince words in telling her off when she made financial demands. In no time she withdrew to herself, avoided social interactions and slept a lot.

5 Smart Ways To Spring Clean Your Finances

When spring cleaning is mentioned, thoughts quickly go to overgrown lawns, greasy bathroom floors, disjointed wardrobes, dirty sofa and more. Have you thought about spring cleaning your finances though? Overgrown debt can be far more debilitating than overgrown lawns! Here are some tips to guide you.

How To Make Your Home Safe For The Elderly

   There comes a point in everyone's life, whether you like it or not, one will need the help of family. Ageing is part of life but it comes with all kind of diseases and problems that make everyday life not so easy as we would like it to be. Luckily, for most of the problems nowadays there's a solution and depending on the situation of your loved ones, you should be able to find the right one that will fit their needs and make them happy.

5 Tips To Have A Senior Friendly Bathroom

    When we are young, we dream a lot, we make plans and with hard work and determination, we make things happen. We all dream of the moment that we will find the love of our life, the moment that we will start a family and the moment that we will buy our first house. I bet that if you close your eyes, you can still feel the joy that you had when you received the keys to your much-beloved house,  am I right? Sadly, we get older, our needs change and unfortunately, our house stays the same, so it's up to us to make those changes while we can, in order to live in a comfortable and safe environment.

How Much Did It Cost to Build the Great Wall of China?

  A colossal monument, a wonder of the modern world, a feat of engineering – no matter how you choose to describe the Great Wall of China, it fires the imagination and awe-inspired wonder at how a wall of this size and scale was built at a time when heavy machinery was not in existence.
Constructed over two millennia, the population of Leeds working on its construction at one time and an overall weight equivalent to 8m elephants, you cannot help but admire the ingenuity, science and technology behind the Great Wall of China.