5 Benefits of Black Tea for Hair Growth

  Your hair may look dry, thin, greasy or damaged due to pollution or other factors. When the hair becomes unhealthy it falls out easily. Hair adds to your beauty or handsomeness. Out of all the natural products available at your home, black tea is most effective for restoring your hair’s health.

Composition of Hair and Its Growth Cycle
The hair growth cycle is divided into three phases, which are anagen, catagen and telogen phases. All these phases are interdependent.

These phases activate simultaneously. However, they occur in different areas of the scalp. According to a research, 85% of the hair grows during anagen stage. The duration of this phase varies between 2 and 6 years. During this phase, the hair grows by ten cm every year.

After the finish of the anagen stage, the hair starts the catagen stage. This phase lasts for almost 2 weeks. During the phase, the hair follicles shrink by 1/6 of their length where the lower portion gets destroyed. During the telogen phase, the hair growth is restricted. This stage lasts for around six weeks.

Composition of Hair
The vital component of hair is keratin. This protein helps in hair formation with its rope-like filaments. Keratin is also responsible for the flexibility and strength of the hair. A hair follicle comprises of the shaft, inner root sheath and bulb.

In order to restore beauty and health of hair, black tea can be used both externally and internally after applying traditional conditioner or shampoo. Black tea works best for getting relief from the commonly occurring hair problems.

Scalp Itchiness and Dandruff Issues
Tea has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in soothing the scalp. Tea also checks irritation in the scalp. Experts believe that black tea is helpful for preventing dandruff. It also checks symptoms of psoriasis. Tea offers antiseptic properties and these help in removing dead skin cells and impurities, which may block hair follicles. This is how clogging is averted and growth of hair takes place.

Promotion of Hair Growth
A study was conducted in the past where a group of scientist came across a compound called EGGG, which is found in the tea. This compound facilitates production of hair and boosts activities of dermal papillae. EGGG is an antioxidant and helps in preventing hair from becoming thin.

Another study found that tea could raise metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate results in faster hair growth. Tea also checks the production of DTH, which accounts for hair loss in mass scale.

Massaging scalp with freshly brewed tea every day brings positive results to hair. Massaging allows increased circulation of blood and stimulating the growth of hair by providing a high amount of oxygen and nutrients.

Normalisation of Oil Production
Compounds present in black tea can aptly maintain pH levels of the scalp and normalize oil production. Black tea is suitable for people having dry or oily hair. For those having oily hair, this tea acts as an astringent and prevents accumulation of excess sebum on the scalp. This tea also helps in regulating the production of oil. For people having dry hair, black tea acts as the hydrating and nourishing medium. It neutralizes dryness and prevents occurrence of dandruff.

Prevention of Split Ends
Tea contains panthenol, a compound that is very effective at preventing split ends. This compound in combination with other antioxidants helps to strengthen hairs and checks hair breakage.

Maintaining Shine
Tea is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and polyphenols. These ingredients help in attaining soft and shiny hair. Tea also protects hair against damage caused due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. These ingredients restore the health of dry, damaged hair and strengthen hair. In order to take advantage of black tea for hair, you need to rinse your hair with tea after using regular shampoo. How to go about this procedure? Follow these steps:

Prerequisites for Tea Hair Rinse
You need two to three tablespoons of loose black tea and six cups of water. Steep for around an hour. You need to worry about tannin, as this is not meant for drinking. Allow it to cool.

Apply the tea recipe on damp, clean hair. Wait for ten minutes. Rinse and apply conditioner. If are looking for extra shine, you have to bottle the rinse and spritz the hair throughout the day. You may look for a color kick. In that case, you have to leave the rinse for a long time.

Black tea helps in maintaining luster and natural darkness of hair. Apart from coloring grey hair, black tea can bring out natural highlights in dark brown and black hair. Using black tea regularly on hair helps in maintaining the hydration level. Moreover, massaging the scalp with tea recipe helps at increased blood circulation. This allows strengthening of the hair follicle and promoting healthy hair growth. Keeping hair healthy can be done in a homely setup.

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