7 Tips to Simplify Your Life

1. De-clutter. Begin by grabbing an empty shopping bag. Walk around your home. Fill the bag with anything you don't use or love. Place the bag in your car and drop it off at a charitable organisation. Repeat weekly.

2. Control your time. Reduce obligations. Learn to say no more often. Even one fewer activity per week can allow you some down time.

3. Do without. Stop impulse purchases. Each item you buy costs more than the purchase price. Consider upkeep costs in both time and dollars.

4. Pare down. Do you really need six spatulas or 30 pairs of shoes?

5. Have a weekly "no noise" day. Turn off the T.V.s and radios. Tune into nature and your family.

6. Make a list. Split your current activities and tasks into two columns: things I enjoy and things I don't enjoy.
How can you reduce the second column and increase the first?

7. Organise everything. What takes up too much of your time? Simplify your routines, your paperwork, your wardrobe, your life.

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