Trends in Kitchen Design: What You Need To Know

Gone are the days of boring old kitchens and storage with simple stone slab shelving and tiny counter tops. The humble kitchen has transformed into a fashion statement by itself and often into the most expensively built room in the house, with clean, attractive looks, lighting and fixtures, colours and materials. The kitchen design is of primary importance, because it really is where most of the magic happens.

The Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are functional, space saving, user-oriented, well-lit, colourful and smartly designed with concealed storage. They are equipped with appliances and gadgets and various tools to make the job easier and quicker. So, storing all of these things and making them easily accessible becomes the order of the day. Cabinets, wardrobes, metal shelving, spice racks, draining racks and moveable racks all make up the modular kitchen of today.

The Sleek Kitchen

A sleek kitchen is one where every utensil and spice rack is easily accessible, without making the kitchen look cluttered or cramped. Everything has its designated place and fits in, neatly tucked, slid under, flattened, dropped or concealed where it should be. It eliminates the need for excessive hardware that looks bulky or takes up ground space, and gives you more freedom to move about.

How to Juice it Up

With new age designs and materials to choose from, colourful laminates and countertops can change the kitchen into a very cheerful space.
- Use intelligent lighting solutions to illuminate focused activities like chopping or cooking, or soft lighting for cabinets and crockery showcases to highlight all the contents.
- Add functional units like extended counters which can function as small dining tables.
- Add tall units that have rotating canisters so you can see and reach all your cooking essentials.
- Add wall units, sink units, waste segregation units, wicker baskets, orga trays for cutlery, dish drainers and moving corners to utilise every inch of space and still have easy access and visibility.

 The Indian Kitchen

With every element of your kitchen being an important part of the wholeArticle Submission, you need to invest some time in making sure that what you want is what you get. Browse through myriad designs and narrow in on your favourite looks and colours. Book a consultation with trained and experienced interior designers who can guide you through the process with useful insights and tested methods. 

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