7 Easy Tips to Make Time for Beauty

  Need more time for yourself? Follow these simple tips to look your best every day.

1. Take a bath or shower at night. Not only will your mornings go more smoothly but you'll have time for
your hair and make-up or for a healthy breakfast.

2. Place your bare essential make-up in a small cosmetic bag. Dump contents of the counter. Place each item
back in the bag as you use it. Store elsewhere any items you don't use daily.

3. Schedule your next hair appointment while you're at the salon. Write it in your planner. Save the time and hassle
of calling back later.

4. Keep your favourite cuticle cream and hand lotion by your bed. Apply generously every night.

5. Find one colour of nail polish you love and use it exclusively.

6. File your nails during the kids' bath or while watching TV.

7. Drink enough water. Experts advise 64 ounces per day. Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere. Place a mark on the label each time you refill and you'll drink more.

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