5 Tips for Wearing White

There's something cool and refreshing about white clothing that makes it chic on even the hottest days. Since it reflects light and absorbs perspiration, making it less noticeable than other colours, the wearer looks cool and collected, even when the temperature soars. Small wonder then that white has been a long-time favourite of residents of hot, tropical climates.

1.Always Wear Flesh-Colored Undergarments 

Years ago, the rule was to wear white under white. Not anymore. Since white bra, panty, and camisole lines tend to show through, your undergarments will be less obtrusive in flesh tones. Look for pieces that closely match your natural skin tone to create a clean, seamless look.

2.Be Careful Where You Put Your White 

Since white reflects light and makes anything it's put on look bigger, don't put it all by itself on your largest body part, like your chest, hips, or thighs, because it will only make it look bigger. Instead, opt for white monochromatic (all one colour) ensembles, which elongate, put white on a small body part, or use white to accentuate a figure asset.

3.Steer Clear of White Hosiery

Unless you're a nurse, a bride, or under age 5, white hosiery has no place in your wardrobe. Yes, it was popular 20 years ago thanks to Diana, the late Princess of Wales, because it did for her what it does for everyone: it "chopped her up" visually and made her look shorter. Which is fine if you're a tall princess trying to look shorter than your prince - but not so great if you're short, medium, or plus size, trying to look taller and slimmer.

4.Think Twice About Wearing White Shoes 

White shoes scream "summer!" and are a popular choice for warm weather months. But since white shoes make your feet look bigger and can also visually "chop up" your leg and make you look shorter, they may not be the best choice for your image goals. Look for shoe styles that elongate, or
steer clear of white shoes entirely and opt for flesh-colored shoes instead.

5.Don't Wear White to a Wedding 

Unless you're the bride or in the bridal party, don't wear all-white to a wedding. While a white blouse worn under a different-colored garment is okay (like a pastel suit, for example) the tradition still holds firm: white is reserved for the bridal party. Don't try to compete with the bride on her big day.

Finally, if you don't like the way white looks on you or if white just "isn't your colour," try an off-white shade instead like ivory, eggshell, or oyster. Pure white looks good on only a fraction of the population, so don't despair; try another shade instead.

Wearing white is a great way to look chic, stay cool, and enjoy the warm weather months. If you employ these tips when you dress, you can look calm, cool and collected - even on the hottest days.  

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