Fashionable Mom

    You’re a mum and you’re still thinking about being ‘fashionable’? That’s the kind of response I got from someone I went shopping with. All I did was go shopping with this mum and when we passed a fashion outlet selling fashionable clothing and apparel, I commented that I wanted to get that frilly pink top with splashes of lime green that is flying off the shelves with a 70% discount tag!

Is it wrong to be a mum and still want to be fashionable? In my personal opinion, there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG with wanting to be a fashionable mum! Being mum doesn’t mean that we have to give up our rights to being fashionable, beautiful and healthy. Being mum doesn’t mean that our lives and the entire focus of living have shifted from ‘us’ to ‘family’. Of course, without a smidgen of a doubt, being mum zaps your energy and any mum with a sense of fashion can tell you that it takes a lot to be a fashionable mum.

It already takes so much effort to dress up the kids…imagine trying to find time matching fashionable tops with fashionable skirts…and then find the blasted fashionable handbag with the same colour and tone to go with the same-colored fashionable shoes! What an effort!

When we used to be single, trying to be in fashion didn’t use to be such an effort, did it? In fact, pulling out fashionable clothing off the shelves and donning them seems to come so naturally to most of us when we are young and LOOKING! Now that we’re not looking anywhere else but at our kids, we find it such an effort just to be fashionable?

And yet, being a fashionable mum is still possible! ABSOLUTELY! All it takes is some effort, planning and some common sense. And work at it!!  

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