How To Deal With Anxiety And Insomnia When You Are Pregnant

  The wait is often a source of anxiety... how not to have peaks of anxiety when we must wait for 9 months! So even during a normal pregnancy as it is, pregnant women will certainly have at one time or another, anxiety, fear will suddenly invade.
  Fears that may be linked to his own health but is more often the case with that of the unborn child... "will it be normal"?, "Pregnancy going up to term" ... the questions are multiple and the reactions of individual women vary widely depending on personal experience, sensitivity, but also the ability to not generalize a sad event occurred to Madame X and recounted in detail the day by the so-called best friend ...

Weakened during this period of pregnancy, the mother is often very influenced by what she reads, what it means, and any symptoms or any difference compared to "normal" reference announced by the gynaecologist can be a source of anxiety.

The anxieties and fears that disrupt the sleep of the pregnant woman to be the real source of recurrent insomnia.

Why insomnia is often a lot of the last trimester of pregnancy: the birth approaching, questions and fears come and wake up the mother in the middle of the night with great difficulty to find sleep.

Insomnia that is aggravated by a comfortable position increasingly difficult to find in late pregnancy and various other minor ailments such as cramps, back pain ...

What to do about insomnia?

In most cases, no treatment is necessary.

If you have any anxieties, fears, the best remedies are to know your gynaecologist or midwife who can give answers to your questions and calm about your health and your future baby. Take advantage of your meetings to prepare for childbirth and share your concerns to the midwife.

Finally, if you know someone has a bad way to tell you all the misfortunes that she (or he?) Heard in this world about childbirth, pregnancy ... try to take your distance and do not destabilise. Each case is individual and unless the person in question is a health professional, better not listen!

If you can not find sleep in the middle of the night, get up a drink of water or milk. Walk a little and go back to bed. Do not stay too long to turn and return to bed, you may do more mounting anxiety.

A healthy lifestyle can also reduce sleep by following some tips:

Take a light meal but not enough to be awakened by hunger avoid taking stimulants such as coffee, tea. Opt instead for a glass of warm milk sleep in a room calm and avoid overheated places you relax while listening to music or immerse yourself in reading take a bubble bath, not too hot, before going to bed

If despite your best efforts, the difficulties and anxieties persist, talk to your doctor. Alternative drugs may actually be adopted.

Attention, you must not practice self: ask your gynaecologist who will prescribe any treatment to help you find the sleep and peace.

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