Eyeliner Tricks That Everybody Should Know

  Let's face it: not every girl has the skill to make her gorgeous eyes stand out by perfecting her eye makeup. However, if you read the following eyeliner hacks, you will certainly be one step closer to becoming a pro at eye makeup:

1.    Use a pencil eyeliner as a guide

A liquid liner is more long-lasting than a pencil eye liner and gives a darker and more professional look. However, using a liquid liner can be difficult for people with shaky hands. Using a pencil eyeliner first and tracing the line with a liquid liner later is a tip that can come in very handy.

2.    Create your own shade of eye line

Use a wet brush and your favourite shade of eyeshadow to create own custom shade of liner. No more running to different stores to find your favourite shades!

3.    Draw a thicker line if you have monolids

People with monolids often find it challenging to apply eyeliner that shows. Draw a thicker arched line above your lash line with a gel or liquid liner and--voila!--your perfectly visible line is done!

4.    Make your own gel liners

Gel liners are better than pencil eye liners. They are easy to apply and easily blend with the skin. However, if you don't have one, you can make one yourself. Hold the tip of your pencil liner above mild candle or lighter flame to make it softer. Use the pencil at the back of your hand to test it before using it above your eyes. You can easily buy eye pencils online in almost any colour nowadays.

5.    Get the perfect line using cotton and petroleum jelly

Well, making the line, removing it completely with a makeup remover, and re-drawing it can take some time. So if your line is a little uneven, or thicker than you had wanted, you can use a cotton bud with petroleum jelly or even an oil-based eye makeup remover to erase the extra bit or smoothen out your line.

6.   Set your eyeliner with eyeshadow

Pencil eyeliners are not as long-lasting as liquid eyeliners. Hence, you can set the line by dabbing an eyeshadow of the same colour over it to make your eye makeup last longer.

7.    Freeze your crumbly eyeliner

If your eyeliner is crumbly, put it in the freezer for 10 minutes before lining your eyes. Simple!

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