6 Ways To Get Rid Of Clutter

 How badly do you want to get rid of clutter in your home and office? Sometimes it isn't easy and just like the prospectors it can even be hard. Vince Lombardi said "Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal". Here are some practical and are carefully tested tips and tricks to get rid of clutter. If you don't know where you are going then any road will take you there.

1. Pick a room where you have clutter and sit down. But before you sit down get a notebook and a pen. Look around the room and write down what you like about what is there. Then write down what you don't like. It could be you like that the magazines are close at hand to read but they are all over the place so that doesn't work for you. You could write down you like the kinds of magazines you have. What isn't working for you could be that there are too many outdated magazines or too many of them.

2. Now you know what is working for you and what isn't working for you it is time to set a few goals. Ask yourself what you want this room to look like, and what you want the function to be.

3. As you sit there write down things that will help you get rid of clutter. Things like: buy containers to contain what you are keeping. Get rid of 20% (or some amount) of everything in this room or space. Donate things you and your family no longer use. Sell items you don't want to give away, no longer have a use for but are just creating clutter.

4. Work in only one room at a time. Get a BE basket (belongs elsewhere basket) and put things in it that go to other rooms. When you are through for the time you have allowed yourself then you can leave the room and put these items away.

5. Create places for everything you keep and put things away after using them.

6. Train/teach your family what your expectations are and elicit their help. This pays off big time even though it may take a short while for them to catch on that you seriously are going to get rid of clutter in your home.

If you want something bad enough what will you do to get it? These little mighty steps will have your home clutter free in no time at all.

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