Trendy Jewelry - A Subtle Expression of Independent Style

Trendy jewelry goes hand in hand with trendy dresses and trendy clothing. Trendy jewelry need not be loud and garish but a subtle expression of independent style. It could be unique and vary from one lady to another or from one girl to another. There are no set of rules, for trying out these fashion jewelry items. Necklaces, pendants, pins, brooches, earrings and bracelets all constitute fashion jewelry.

These days modern designer fashion jewelry is designed for all events and you can wear at all times of the day or evening. An ensemble of ethnic patterns and custom jewelry has helped to create captivating fashion jewelry. It is not mandatory that these jewelry items are expensive or difficult to procure. They could and have been designed from ordinary items to make them affordable. However one distinct feature about trendy jewelry is that it is distinctive.

The first item that comes to mind when one thinks of jewelry is a necklace. It is amazing to note that a trendy necklace could be available at a price of just about $15. A contemporary design comprises a glass leaf hung from double strands of bronze ribbon. Glass could be made to look antique when colored with gold and a pair of them hung together with a rose medallion from a multi-layered chain. For delicate appeal a necklace made of pure Austrian crystals hung with antiqued brass is perfect fashion statement. For a more dignified look, a Swarovski crystal necklace strung with glass stones and hung from a 10K gold chain is outstanding.

Simultaneously with necklaces, pendants also constitute definitive fashion jewelry. Marcasite pendant in sterling silver has a timeless attraction in evening parties. When hung from a silver chain this .925 sterling silver fashion jewelry is sure to turn heads at the party. Another outstanding piece is the combination of gray abalone shell and Marcasite .925 sterling silver pendant. These two are hung from a silver chain.

The first piece of jewelry a lady is introduced to is an earring. Earrings are very expressive as a fashion statement. These are worn by girls and women of all ages and across communities. For ethnic looks you might try Bohemian glass Aztec earrings which are made from amber Swarovski crystals. This trendy jewelry is approximately 1.5 inches in length and hung with the help of fish hooks. A highly fashionable earring is the ‘art glass half moon earring’. This green and gold earring with specks of red, black and orange has an elusive appeal. For a bold earthy look you might sport a floral earring 2’’ across and 3’’ in length. This trendy jewelry item is available in both gold and silver tones.

Brooches and pins are perhaps the most prominent jewelry pieces on a woman’s attire. These trendy jewelry items could be of crystals, enamels, or amber crystals. An enameled butterfly pin is made of sterling silver and measures 2’ across. A crystal petal in green is a very classy pin to adorn your one shouldered dress.  So get your perfect choice and get noticed.


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