Tips To Apply Face Powder

Face powders are an essential means for make up that helps to keep your skin look fresh through out the days and at the same time hiding acne and blemishes.

Even if you do not have blemishes, it still augments your beauty to perfection and makes your skin glow. This is the first step of makeup since all other components are applied on top of this base.

Many people feel that if they have used foundation, then face powder is not required. That is so untrue. Foundation and powder serve two different purposes. Foundations and concealers are generally used to hide skin marks but at the same time make skin look shiny and oily. Face powders actually removes the stickiness created by your foundation so that your face has a natural dry look instead of an oily look.

Face powders can be of two types- loose powder and pressed powder. Loose powder is easier to apply but more difficult to carry around. These are usually translucent powders with very little colour. These necessarily do not change the colour of your skin or foundation since they have very little colour in themselves. Then there are pressed powders. These are compressed powder and contain little oil and colour. This is a favourite amongst ladies since this is easier to carry around and can be applied anytime without having the fear of spilling it over.

While selecting compressed powder or what is commonly known as compact, you need to be very careful of the colour that you pick. Usually it needs to be just one tone lighter than your own skin tone. It is preferable to select a compact with less pink in it. If the colour is not selected properly, then after application your skin would look either darker than your normal skin colour or it would appear whitish. Nowadays you even get multi-toned powder in a single compact that helps cover different skin colours on the same face. Some parts of the skin on your face might have a lighter tone or darker tone. For instance, the skin under your eyes may be darker than your overall complexion. This is the reason why there might be three or four tones available in one compact itself.

Application of face powder is an art in itself. First of all you need to have suitable brushes or puffs to apply powder. It should be spread evenly across your whole face avoiding patches at all cost. A brush helps spreading the powder evenly across your face and at the same time you can apply little quantity of powder. Puffs provided with compacts tend to pick up more powder than it is required to apply. It is best to avoid application of excessive face powder or else your face would end up having a white ghost like appearance. If you want to hide those blemishes, it is best to use concealers.

Make up is one the ways to make you feel presentable. If your skin looks good, you feel confident as well. Face powders are the basics of makeup and can cause a make over for you.

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