What is Laser Hair Removal?

  Laser hair removal is one of the newest means to remove the unwanted hair on certain parts of the body. Read on for you to know the facts about laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a certain medical procedure wherein body hair is handled with the help of laser light to avert re-growth. This can be done for a number of sessions and it is effective to shave backs, backs, bikini lines, underarms, legs and other parts.

It basically works by permitting melanin within hair follicle to attract laser heat. Melanin is liable for pigment, around the follicle area, which is responsible for hair re-growth. The darker the color of the hair is, the more amount of melanin the hair has. So when the follicle gets adequate heat, the re-growth system is totally damage. It means if the hair follicle dies, the hair would not grow and will eventually fall.

Who Can Undergo Laser Hair Removal?

This procedure isn’t ideal for every person. On the other hand, the skin or epidermis also has melanin, which means the darker the skin is, the more melanin it has. If the color of the hair is lighter than the scalp’s skin color then the skin will absorb the heat instead of hair. It means a very tan person who has a blonde hair is not an ideal candidate for this procedure, while person who are fair in color with a darker hair is ideal candidate.

Generally, most laser hair removal needs multiple treatments for the reason that hair may only be treated effectively during the anagen phase or the stage of growth for hair. While hair grows in cycles and do not enter the anagen phase immediately, so it will require a number of sessions to complete the process. The sessions required for laser hair removal varies for each person.

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