Choosing clothes for your shape

 For women the fashion world is a mine field. Unlike men who come in a far fewer number of sizes – generally small, tall or medium and fat, slim or normal. Women have a number of far more complex issues based on curves, shapes and all other sorts of proportionsSo, we have compiled a list of tips to help you look good and choose the dress that suits you. Many of these clothes come in the Next directory and we would advise a look at the site at for details.


Slender body shapes allow more relaxed rules to be applied than other shapes. This is because many clothes are designed for those with this shape in mind. Clothes that create volume with ruffles and flares are flattering. Boot cut jeans are especially good for people with this shape. Large print is a bad idea and can drown out any sign of shape or curve.

Padded bras can give you the extra curves you desire and lifting bum underwear creates a more rounded bum – something many slender women want. Trapeze jackets are also good, as is chunky jewellery, especially hung around the bust. Fitted jackets, especially from the boyfriend trend are ideal and very flattering for this shape.


Dressing the pear shape is a different scenario and it is essential to show your slim top half off. Strapless maxi dresses are ideal for this shape and do this to perfection. Spaghetti tops are also ideal and show off those slim arms and shoulders. Dresses with pleats and A lines are also great for skimming over wide hips.

If you wish to balance things out, shoulder pads can really level things out and equal out wide hips. Jackets that cut above the hip are best, anything below will cause you to look small and dumpy. Choose block colours for your bottom half to make it look slimmer and perhaps think about boot cut jeans as they elongate legs.

Slim belts also showcase slim waists, so use them. Using support underwear can make thighs look slimmer. This should all make you look taller and bring out your best features.


Women with an athletic shape can wear most clothes, though it is about making the most of what you do wear. Staying away from round or plunging neck lines as they will make boobs look small. However, chose the empire line to maximise.

Short fitted dresses are very flattering and allow the slender shape to look very attractive. Simple spaghetti straps are ideal to create the feminine look. Slim hips are also ideal for frilly underwear and slim chests padded bras.

Leggings and skinny jeans or trousers allow you to show off slim legs and you should wear volume on top to break it up a bit. A line skirts are also great to define smaller waists and structure your middle. Ruffles on the top of clothes also work wonders. Asymmetrical necklines draw the attention towards the neck and away from the shoulders and look great on this shape.


Small or petite girls can often feel overlooked and have to make do with other women’s fashions. However for women of this shape single colour shoulder to knee dresses work a charm. To get the best you should look online for petite brand sellers such as in the Next directory.

Remember block colours on the bottom make your figure look longer and stripes on top bring the focus to your small attractive top. High waistline skirts are also excellent for the petite woman and use a belt to draw attention to your small waist.

Delicate accessories draw attention to the top part of your body, hooped earrings are perfect. Avoid sugary colours however as they appear childlike and no one wants that. Straight legged jeans, as well as skinny trousers or jeans, make you look taller; choose pale colours for maximum effect. Finally, heels and wedges add height and are ideal for people of this shape.

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