Plus Size Fashion Tips

Here are some of the best tips to follow in terms of fashion for plus sized women:
- First, you have to accept some facts. You are plus-sized and you have curves that are not going to go away any time soon. But you know what? This is perfectly fine. You have to embrace your curves. Own your curves and make sure to LOVE them. Once you come to terms with you and your beautiful curves, fashion will no longer be a hindrance but now a joy that you are now eagerly looking forward to. Moreover, the societal barriers will no longer be a hindrance to your inner Fashionista.

- You should always, as much as possible, accentuate your assets. Know that when you enhance whichever assets you like the best, your confidence will show through, allowing the Fashionista in you to really shine. Don't know your best feature? You probably already know without even knowing it. Ask yourself, what do you feel most comfortable in, then why? Chances are you will find a reason that relates to your best assets.

- Having stated the previous point, you still have to balance things well and hide things that you think are flaws. People all have areas they don't necessary hate, but do not love either, and that is also perfectly fine. All you have to do is to hide those flaws. By experimenting with shapes and colors, you will learn how to hide these "flaws" and figure out ways to work around them and accentuate the ones that actually works for you. To cite an example, if you happen to hate your tummy and handles, you can try going with a flowy top that flows away from the tummy area that has a v-neck and an empire cut to camouflage or hide it. Pretty simple yet effective way of getting around it, don't you think?

- Remember that fashion should be fun, so you have to have fun and take some risks when you are into fashion. Clearly, finding amazing fashion can be a challenge for many a plus sized Fashionista for the obvious reasons, but that should not detract from the play with fashion! With more and more emerging designers who are actually designing with you in mind, the sky is the limit with experimenting. From the colors to the shapes, the fits, the cuts and pieces that you always thought were "not allowed". Never worn color? Be daring in Neon pink! Never worn any jeans before? Then you can be sassy in the right skinny jeans! Never gone sleeveless before? Be sexy in a strappy bra-friendly top. You get the gist.

- Do not forget to accessorize. You should always fashion either a necklace and a ring or earrings and a few bracelets. And you should not forget adding in a handbag and heels to the equation. Accessorizing, after all, is pretty easy to do these days. In relation with more and more designers designing clothes with "bigger" women in mind, same goes with jewelries. More and more of them are catching on to the fact that not all women would suit the standard sized jewelries they have been making. They are beginning to understand how frustrating it can be for plus sized women when they want to buy a ring or a bracelet that did not accommodate their size. You will surely be able to find one that suits your size pretty easily.

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