Why Tanning Can Be a Good Thing

 Although it seems that we have heard about the negative side of tanning for the last several years, there is indeed a positive side. In fact, the purported benefits are almost overwhelming. The body is naturally exposed to ultraviolet rays every time that a person steps outside. Biologically and historically speaking, there is a natural reason for this. The positive health effects from UV light are quite amazing. Vitamin D production, natural skin protection, treatment of psoriasis, jaundice, eczema and even the prevention of various types of cancer are just some of the benefits that a person may encounter during exposure to UV light.

Vitamin D and Calcium Absorption
The production of vitamin D is essential to the human. Without this, the human body is unable to standardize calcium absorption. Without the proper amount of calcium, bones become weakened, teeth become brittle, and muscles tend to spasm. The lack of Vitamin D is also quite often responsible for hair loss, weight gain, rickets, high blood pressure, and is now even being linked to some types of internal cancers.

Skin Protection
Ultraviolet rays are absorbed into the skin, which increases the amount of melanin that is present. Melanin is the substance that protects the people from harmful UV rays. People with naturally darker coloring have more melanin than people with naturally lighter coloring do. Tanning allows the body to naturally increase the melanin within the tissues, providing defense against the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Jaundice, Psoriasis, and Eczema
Exposure to UV can also help to treat jaundice; the process involves the bonding of certain cells within the person’s tissues. Through this process, the substances causing the jaundice are able to be released by the tissues and carried out with other waste. Psoriasis and eczema are caused by the body’s immune response to inflammation. This inflammatory and irritating response is hindered through exposure to UV.

Some types of cancer prevention are even being linked to tanning. Studies are now showing that people exposed to more sunlight might have lower occurrence rates of death from colon, breast, ovarian, and other internal cancers.

While tanning has definitely taken a bit of a bad rap over the last few years, the benefits certainly cannot be denied. Another positive is the effect that light exposure has on the mind, body, and soul. It promotes positive feelings, particularly in cold, dreary, winter months when natural sunlight exposure is limited.

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