The versatility of the little black dress

   The little black dress is a wardrobe staple. The majority of women own one. It is very convenient and can be worn at any event and fit in well with the rest of the guests. All it needs are some killer heels and a pretty purse, making it the go-to dress especially on short notice. The little black dress is also versatile and comes in different styles and designs. There are so many designs to choose from. So, it all boils down to an individual's taste.

The typical back dress has changed. It is no longer the typical black dress, as it is so exhilarating now due to the variety that designers keep coming up with every now and then. Women's taste in clothes has also improved greatly and the little black dress has to keep up.

There is a misconception that the little black dress has to be black. This is a justified error that stems from the name. However, the dress can come in a variety of other colours like red or dark green. These are dresses that a woman can wear into any formal event be it a dinner or dance. If it is a formal event the dress is usually long and flowing and is best complemented with high heels and a scarf. The fact that the dress is formal doesn't mean it should be boring, it could have a fashionable cut, for instance, it could be a bareback, strapless or even one shoulder. It doesn't have to be boring.

Little back dresses for less formal events could be short. The short dress does not have to be plain. It could be daring and adventurous. It could also incorporate other colours to avoid the monotony of one colour in the form of a pattern. If you're going out for some drinks on a Friday night or just to hang out with friends having a good time, a short one would be perfect.

The little black dress could go a notch higher if you're the daring kind. You could get a real attention grabbing one. The attention grabbing little dress is usually tight and figure hugging. It also comes in very bold prints, like leopard prints. It could also be shiny, leather-like or velvety. They are about making a bold statement. It is more of a club wear version of the little black dress and is usually short.

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