Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes

It really is a critical term in the world of cosmetics. Contrast is what the story is all about. We do not have time, nor do we have the interest in going through a science lesson right now, but contrast, and it’s relationship to the colour spectrum, give us the beauty facts that we are in such need of. Eye shadows are very much about contrast and the beauty that can be gained by shading with opposite colours. The colours of eye shadow that flatter brown eyes the most are the teal colours and the purples. Teal and purple contrast brown eyes the most, and are universally accepted colours for brown eyed people. It is true that shades of brown eye shadow can also work, but testing is needed based on how dark or how light your brown eyes are.

When using brown eye shadows for brown eyes, it is a good idea to use taupe or an eye shadow that is peachy or silvery. Eyeshadows having too hard a brown to them, take away from the eyes, and drown things out. Using secondary colours at the lower lash area, such as teal, purple, or green, can help to avoid wash out. Try not to forget, eye makeup is not just about benefiting from the cosmetic itself, but it’s about drawing attention to the beauty that is your eyes already. That is why it is so important to work towards avoiding wash out. No matter how appealing a colour may be to your senses when you are looking at it, if that colour refuses to love you back when you apply it, it’s time to make a change.

One great thing about brown eye colour is that it opens up the door to all of the blue and silver eye shadows. Brown eyes look great with metallic blue, or the dullest blue out there. So many options exist with the blues and the silvers, as well as the purples, for brown eyed people. Just keep in mind, blue and silver shadow are intended for the eyelid. These can be quite poor colour choices for below the eyes because they have a way of magnifying dark circles. We absolutely do not need that at all.

Other colours that brown eyed people can take advantage of are, rust, hazel, dark plum, and many with brown eyes fair well using soft shades of pink. Be sure to identify yourself the other colours that reside within your brown eyes. Many sets of brown eyes have green flecks, as well as golden flecks. Eyeshadows with red in it can help bring out green flecked eyes. Earth-toned eye shadows can assist in bringing out golden flecked eyes. If you have gold flecks in your brown eyes, go ahead and try warm coloured metallic shadows. Metallic shadows do well to bring out golden flecks within brown eyes.

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