What to Do Before You Change Your Hair Color

There are many people who thrive on impulse decisions on just about everything they do in their lives; however, hair color should perhaps not be one of those things because you are dealing with your head. Choosing making a change in hair color is one of the trickiest nerve wracking things that women have to go through; you need to get a temporary place to do some sampling so that you are sure about your hair color choice before you go out full throttle. It doesn’t matter whether you have visited the best hair salon in your area or you are dealing with a top hair stylist, it is always important to test-drive in order to avoid disappointment.

Try a demi-permanent color: The first thing you want to do when searching for the right hair color  is to try a demi-permanent color. These are usually gentler color formulations and since they don’t have any ammonia they will only deposit their color pigment on top of your hair cuticle. Again, depending on how often your hair is washed, this type of hair color will last you no more than 20 shampoos. This provides a great option for anyone who wants to see whether they like a particular color or whether they would like to make any changes before they can decide for permanent hair color.

Put it through a rinse: If the thought of simple multiple wash-out colors brings you goose pimples, there is an even better way to experiment with hair color. This is something that goes between the bestselling tinted color enhancing treatment and the hue color enhancing masks; they are a powerful indicator of how any bold hue could look on you. You will only need to apply a shade on your natural hair color by gently adding a tone or a pigment on the surface of your hair so that you can get an idea of how any of the colors suit you. Normally, the lighter your hair is, the easier it will become for you to see the tone that was added but the best thing about it is that it is a temporary hair color the disappears without any hassles with 2 or 3 shampoos. On the other hand, you may want to try using treatment or a mask every time you wash your hair so you can keep up with the vibrant shade; this is important for women who are allergic to commitment.

Try a wig: A top hair stylist recommends to women who are not sure of what hair color they want to head to a wig store and look around for the hue and color that pleases them. You may want to take a photograph of the color that you are interested in or better still simply come with a sample of that merchandise.

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