Why pick sun tanning lotions

If you want to get that tan but do not have the extra hours to spend under the sun, a bottle of Self Tanning Lotion is your best friend. When choosing a sunless tanning product, Sun Labs recommend to beginners self tanning lotion. Below are some of the advantages of using a self tanning lotion:

Lower Risk Of Mistakes
The only difference between regular lotions and your self tanning lotion is its formulation. It contains ingredients that basically interact with your skin to help give you that tan you've wished for. Sun Labs tanning lotion, for example, is very easy to apply. Anyone can easily work with it regardless if one has had a self tanning experience or not.

No Sun Damage
Since you will not be staying under the sun to achieve that tan, you do not have the risk of acquiring irreversible skin damage. Using a self tanning lotion helps you prevent aging and even give you protection from a good list of other health risks.

Tan And Not Orange
One problem with some self tanning products is that they give you uneven results or they turn your skin orange instead of that ideal tan. Sun Labs' self tanning lotion has been perfected through the years to ensure that it delivers what it promises. Its line of products have been designed to make life easier for you whether your skin tone is fair to medium, medium to dark, or dark to very dark.

Keep your skin healthy
The right self tanning lotion will not only give you the perfect skin tone you desire but will also make your skin healthier. These self tanning products have been formulated using powerful natural ingredients that will help nourish your skin and keep it hydrated. From vitamins, fruit extracts, oils and different antioxidants, self tanning lotions can help give you a smoother skin with that natural glow.
When shopping for self tanning lotions, there are two crucial steps. One will be matching it to your skin tone, but the more important one is knowing important facts about the self tanning products you are about to buy. Here are some things to look for:

Organic sugar-based formula
The more natural the product is, the better it could be for your skin. Avoid products that contain ingredients with names that are too long to pronounce. Sun Labs self tanning lotions contain organic sugar among other natural ingredients.

Moisturizes Your Skin
Make sure that the self tanning lotion you are buying promotes moist skin. You should also make sure that it is safe to use on all skin types.

Matches Your Skin Tone
A sun-kissed tan using a self tanning lotion can only be achieved if you picked the perfect lotion that matches your skin tone. Whether you have fair to medium skin tone, medium to dark, or dark to very dark skin tone, it is crucial that you read the instructions and specifications on these products.

Easy Application
Save yourself from all the headache and make sure you are only buying self tanning products that are very easy to apply.

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