What You Need To Know Before Getting a Haircut

When a woman gets a new haircut they hand themselves a powerful tool that can easily transform what was meant to be a bad hair day into one of the best experiences that can easily boost their self-confidence. However, any small mistake with a haircut will make you either want to murder your hair stylist or cry for a number of days following that appointment. The good news is that you can easily avoid this kind of meltdown by taking a few things into consideration.

Know your face shape: We all have different types of face shape from the square, round, oval or heart-shaped; you need to know your face shape so you can have an idea on what kind of haircut will be best for you. The objective is to make sure that at the end of your appointment, your face will appear to look more oval, which is the most flattering of all shapes. You simply need to draw a square, circle or heart shape and draw the kind of hair style you want inside that shape; see whether it leaves an oval at the center. If there is an oval shape then the haircut is good for your face. However, if you already have an oval face, you can easily move on to the next stage and pull off any style.

Know your hair texture: People who have coarse curly hair cannot just bring Blake Livery’s picture and expect to come out of the hair salon with that look with their hair texture; there is no haircut that will magically transform the texture of your hair into wash and go waves. The same is also true of those who have the opposite texture; if you hair is thin and fine, you cannot expect to the texture and volume of BeyoncĂ©’s hair. If you want to look like a particular celebrity who may look like they have hair texture like yours, just tear out their pictures and bring them to your hair stylist for your next haircut.

Have realistic expectations: If you been inspired to get a haircut, you need to realize that there are chances that the hair of the celebrity you want to imitate has extensions and that they have a hair stylist who probably spends the entire day creating that unique look; some of them have an aide walking with hem all over the place with a wind machine. You must, therefore, be very realistic when talking to your hair stylist about what is possible for you with the impending haircut. Consult your hair stylist so that they tell you what is possible and whether you may have to keep some hair extension and get haircut styles that you can maintain easily.

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