5 Effective Fruits for Glowing Skin

Today, most of us are worried about skin problems which derive us from finding ways and solutions to get rid of skin related issues and obtain a glowing skin. Most of the skin problems arise due to the pollution around us, the mental stress within us or the unhealthy diet we consume. All these reasons are the cause for skin problems that are faced by 90 percent of the total population.

Some fruits have real benefits for the skin and are effective enough in keeping skin healthy. Five such fruits are mentioned below:
Bananas: Bananas act as an anti-aging agent due to its richness in vitamin A, B and E. In addition to this it contains high levels of potassium, magnesium which helps keeping the skin hydrated making it look youthful. Bananas are also a rich source of minerals and fibers which stimulates blood circulation and rejuvenates skin.
Lemons: Lemons are rich in vitamin C which adds on to the beauty, making skin beautiful and preventing it from breaking down. Starting the day by drinking mixed lemon in warm water with a spoon of honey can clear the skin from within. Also lemon mixed with honey can be applied to the face as a natural alternative of chemical bleach.
Oranges: Being rich in vitamin C, oranges help in improving the skin texture. Its peels can be dried and powdered and can be used as a scrub once or twice in a week.
Apples: Apples are the richest source of “malic acid”. This acid is gentler than all other acids used in beauty treatments. Moreover high in antioxidants, apples prevent tissue damage and promote healthier and firmer looking skin.
Papayas: Papayas are a rich source of antioxidants and contains an enzyme called papain that can banish skin impurities and kill dead cells from the skin. Several beauty treatments make use of papaya extracts in the form of facial peels, cleansers and scrubs that promotes regeneration of the skin.

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