Why Cold Pressing Juice is a Good Idea

Cold pressing juice is a trend that is becoming more and more popular around the world. But why? Does cold pressing juice actually make the juice more healthy for you than traditional juice? It turns out that yes, cold pressing juice is a good idea. Here is why cold pressing juice is a good idea.

Healthier and Tastier
Pressing fruits and vegetables instead of blending them has a number of special benefits for the consumer.

First, cold pressed juices contain more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than other kinds of juices, because the process of pressing the juice leaves a more intact, raw juice, whereas blending food removes nutrients.

Second, cold pressed juices taste better. When traditional blenders eviscerate fruits and vegetables, they actually warm them. Also, as the food is being blended, it oxidizes. The warmth and oxidization makes fruits and vegetables taste less fresh than cold pressing them.

Third, consuming cold pressed juices allows you to take in more nutrients than you typically otherwise would. The amount of time that you would spend chewing the amount of fruits and vegetables that you can cold press is significant. As a result, you probably would not eat as many fruits and vegetables. That’s why cold pressing juice can you give your system an amount of nutrients that it otherwise would not get.

Change Your Appetite for the Better
It is rare to find someone who would reflexively rather eat an apple than a pizza, based on taste alone. But wouldn’t it be great for our health if that were true?

Cold pressed juices can help people change their cravings for the better.

The more cold pressed juice a person eats, the more palatable they become to them. Over time, a person’s body begins to call for them. Cravings for salty, greasy, unhealthy foods can be replaced with cravings for delicious, healthy juices, as your body adjusts to the inclusion of cold pressed juices in your diet.

Last Longer
Not only is cold pressing juice delicious and healthy, it actually causes the juice to last longer than traditional juices.

With traditional juices, they can go bad a few days after their package is opened. But when juice is cold pressed, Daily Burn tells us that they can last a surprisingly long time before going bad.

Cold pressed juices last longer than traditional juices because the process of cold pressing fruits and vegetables neutralizes molecules that cause juice to spoil. Without those molecules getting in the way, cold pressed juice can last up to an incredible forty five days.

When cold pressed juices last for long periods of time without going bad, you save money and time spent producing or purchasing new juice.

So the next time you have an opportunity to purchase or make cold pressed juice, remember that it is healthier for you and tastier to you, that it can help you make better nutritional choices in the future, and that it will last longer for you than traditional juice.

Have you ever wondered why cold pressing juice is a good move? Do you agree that cold pressed juice tastes better than traditionally made juice?

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