5 Steps to Enjoy a Healthy Christmas

Christmas is often a time when you may find reasons to overindulge, forgetting all the hard work you have put in to feeling healthy, fit and well.

Begin eating what many may think to be delicious treats associated with this festive season.

However if you are like me and want to remain healthy, feeling energetic and vibrant. I am sure you are going to prefer to take on board these healthy tips and avoid the pitfalls of overindulgence.

1. Make Breakfast a Priority

Begin your Christmas days, yes for many enjoying this festive season isn't just one day but many days leading up to Christmas day and beyond. So it is important as always not to forget to have a healthy, substantial breakfast. Choose protein foods such as eggs, avocado and mushrooms. This will help you to avoid snacking before engaging in a Special Christmas meal.

2. Drink Pure Filtered Water

To avoid overindulging in either soft drinks, juices or alcohol drink pure, filtered water. You can spice this up with either lemon or orange slices, and also include the occasional sparkling mineral water. Allowing you then to enjoy a glass or two of wine, bubbly or beer with your meal.

3. Healthy, Smart Snacks

Many people over this festive time especially come Christmas Day will consume an extra 6000 calories just on Christmas Day alone!

This is mainly because there will be extras like chips, biscuits, cakes, bread rolls, dips, cheese platters and possible the worst culprit not only for calories but your health is that of processed meats.

So what can you do? Well the first thing is that you want to truly enjoy that Christmas lunch or dinner. So if you are going to indulge in snacks aim for raw vegetables such as carrot, capsicum, cucumber, celery. Include cheeses that will support your digestion such as cottage or ricotta cheese. Opt for the Orgran dry biscuits as these are low in salt and sugar. Dips can include hummus, beetroot, sweet potato and pumpkin. Goats cheese is a great alternative to dairy and better for you. It is available as a hard cheese as well as a soft cheese, this is available at the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable shops or at the Deli section in the supermarket or places such as Barossa Fine Foods.

Dry roasted nuts make a great snack choice as they are low in calories and especially almonds will aid your digestion.

4. Make Your Main Meal Count

One of the best ways of filling up without causing any real problems is to eat your vegies first. Ensure that your plate is 3/4 filled with vegetables and a small quantity of meat.

5. Stay Active

As important as it is to relax at Christmas time, taking time to spend with your loved ones. It is also important to remain active by going for regular walks each day, going to the park with family and friends to throw the football, play tennis, cricket and so on. Keeping a balance of rest and exercise is important to renew your energy and vitality. This can be fun!!!

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