Handy Tips For First Time Parents

For first time parents, they would agree that caring for a newborn baby can definitely an intimidating experience. No doubt about that-- they have never done something like this before, and so, they are totally clueless on how to handle it. However, that shouldn't be the case. There are a lot of sources, including doctors, family, friends, videos, books, and of course, the internet that can help you all throughout the journey of being a first time parent. Take advantage of these, and have confidence that you can do it!
To help you even more, here are some of the extra helpful tips that every first-time parents should know.

1. Don't Wait, Breastfeed Right Away!
After giving birth, it's advisable to request having your baby “room in” instead of bringing him to the hospital nursery where he will be bottle-fed by the nurses. Don't be alarmed even if your baby doesn't latch on at first, just try to squeeze the yellowish colostrum directly into his mouth.

Why? Because it's highly nutritious! It's filled with immune-boosting nutrients that would keep your baby healthy.

2. Burping Do's and Don'ts
Most parents probably wonder if bottle-fed babies need more burping than breast-fed babies. The answer is, both breast-fed and bottle-fed babies could have trapped wind. However, it has also been observed that bottle-fed babies need more burping than the breast-fed ones.

That said, for those who are bottle-feeding their babies, it's highly recommended to consider using an anti colic bottle (https://shrewdmommy.com/best-bottles-for-colic/). This bottle is specifically designed to minimize the air-intake while being bottle-fed. This results to less trapped wind and burping.

3. Check the Hole
It's also important to ensure that the hole in the teat of a feeding bottle is the right size for your baby. A hole that is too big would make the milk come out too fast that it could even 'drown' your baby.

Also, when breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby, try to sit your baby up during feeding. This can also prevent him from swallowing too much air.

4. Back to Sleep to Prevent Dying
This may be scary, but parents should be cautious on how they position their babies to sleep. Based on surveys, a lot of babies die from SIDS when they are sleeping face down.

The theory behind this is that this position triggers re-breathing exhaled air, which is carbon monoxide, while the oxygen level drops low-- which could be highly dangerous for a baby.

Even side sleeping isn't that better at all, and the safest way would be to lie down your baby on his back. No need for any fancy equipment nor devices.

5. Let Your Baby Enjoy His Binky
Aside from calming them down, babies who sleep with their pacifiers are less likely to die from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Basically, pacifiers keep the baby alert even when they are already snoozing. This minimizes the risks of sleeping through the warning signs that may lead to SIDS.

For breastfeeding mommies, what you can do is to wait 2-4 weeks before trying this method. You don't want your baby to experience 'nipple confusion.'

4. Swaddle the Right Way
Swaddling your baby properly would calm and soothe even the fussiest baby. That's not all, it's also an effective method to put your baby to sleep.

5. Suction the Nose Correctly
Infant congestion will never be pleasant. However, your baby doesn't have to endure this either. Suctioning the nose out correctly can help the baby breathe easier, but this shouldn't be done for more than 4 times a day, or it will cause irritation.

6. Don't Put Anything in the Crib
A baby's crib only needs a firm mattress with a fitted sheet, and nothing else. Oh, and of course, the baby.

However, you don't have to put any pillows, stuffed animals, quilts, nor blankets. Although these things are greatly commercialized, they can 'kill' your baby by suffocation. Better safe than sorry.

Final Words
For first-time parents, you're probably dreaming about your baby for months. Wondering what he'll look like-- if he'd be a carbon copy of his dad, or would look like his mom. However, once you welcome this little bundle of joy into this world, you'll definitely feel quite overwhelmed. Follow these tips discussed above, and everything will be easier for both of you and your baby.

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