Seven Ways to Survive Being a New Mother

So you are finally a mother. Whether you are experiencing motherhood by careful planning or as an unexpected surprise you are most likely feeling all the anxiousness and excitement that comes with your new bundle of joy. You look forward to every coo and gurgle. Each development your little one makes is a grand affair and you await the day that he offers you his first smile.

It can be a wonderful feeling to know that this tiny life depends wholly upon you for survival. But realising this can also be overwhelming. As time passes you begin to feel the true responsibility of having a new baby. The early morning feedings, sleepless nights, inconvenient earaches and endless crying coupled with everyday chores and a full-time job is enough to make even the strongest woman crack under the pressure. Now throw in the fact that you may be a single mother dealing with all of this alone and you are a time bomb waiting to explode. So here area seven steps to help you navigate through the tough terrain of being a new mum.

You are not perfect

As a new mother you will experience a myriad of emotions and not all of them will be positive. By being sleep deprived and operating on a full schedule you will at some time feel fatigued, irritated, agitated and quick tempered. You will make mistakes. When you do, learn to forgive yourself. When I first brought my daughter home from the hospital the realization that she was my responsibility for the next eighteen years hit me like a ton of bricks. My new daughter taught me that I was not as slow to anger and as patient as I had once thought. She slept very little and cried constantly and so did I. I went through a phase of depression and even questioned my maternal abilities. Those times when I would lose my temper I would feel like a monster. When you are operating under stress and with little or no sleep it is normal to feel this way. Realize that you are only human.

On the job training

Children do not come with instructions. Every child is different and you will have to learn by trial and error what works best for your child. Remember that your baby is adjusting to this new life as well so eventually you will learn how to work around their eating and sleeping schedule. You will learn their likes and dislikes, how to calm and soothe them and what makes them sleep. When you realize this you will begin to feel a little less pressure and will begin to enjoy your baby.

Ask for help

Every new mom could use a helping hand. If you are a single mother or if you have a special needs child it really helps to know that you have someone there for you. Reach out for help. Doing it all yourself doesn’t make you a good mother; it makes you a tired mother. If someone offers to assist you, let them. Having someone to do certain chores around the house will take the pressure off you. If possible you should ask for the help of a friend or loved one who is able to watch your child so that you can have a little time to yourself. Every mother needs time alone with themselves to be able to regroup, readjust and feel whole again. No one said you had to do it all.

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