Stop Beating Yourself Up

It is so easy to get caught up in "I wish I had" "I should have done" and "If I could only redo…" This effectively keeps you from living in the present. God doesn’t allow "do over’s" What He does do is love you when you make a mistake. He forgives you and as far as He is concerned the slate is wiped clean

It’s you who doesn’t forgive yourself.

When you constantly look back, you miss the fun going on around you. You miss the joy of living today. You miss the anticipation of planning for the future.

Your focus is going in the wrong direction. I guarantee you will run in to more of the "bad" stuff walking around backward. When you aren’t looking forward you aren’t prepared for what is coming. You have to react instead of act. You make decisions under stress when you are unable to think and then the consequence is "I should have done." That gives you something else to beat yourself up about.

God does not want that for you. All He asks is that you go to Him with your worries, mistakes, and accomplishments. Let Him carry the burden and stop carrying it alone.

Most people learn best when they have to experience the consequences from their mistake. When you get something positive from a decision you make you want to do it again, where as if you get a less than desirable result you probably don’t want to repeat it.

Your mistakes can be like boulders breaking your back or they can be stepping-stones to a brighter future. Which way do you want to look at them? As something holding you back or leading you to a better tomorrow?

Looking back at your life is like living under a shadow; it is dark and cold. But if you choose to climb over those boulders you will come out into the sun where it is warm and beautiful.

Take time today to forgive yourself and let go of the past. That may be the inspiration you need to head into a more promising future.

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