Any number of eyesight problems may prompt you to shop for glasses for women. Two common eye disorders that affect a large percentage of the population include being nearsighted or farsighted. People who are nearsighted can see objects that are up close but struggle to see things from a distance. Others who are farsighted experience difficulties with reading up close, but viewing objects that are far away is no problem. If you notice you have issues with your vision in up-close situations, you are not alone. Roughly 60 percent of Americans struggle with the issue. Here are several signs you might be in need of reading eyeglasses.

1.Blurred Vision
One of the most prominent symptoms of farsightedness is having blurred vision when you are trying to do things such as read a book or look at the numbers on a telephone. If you struggle to read your book but can look up and still read the clock on the wall across the room, odds are you need to start thinking about purchasing reading glasses.

Some people experience pain in their eyes during and after reading. Some people who are farsighted may even notice their eyes ache after spending a long time on the computer. For other people, the pain manifests in the form of a headache. This will particularly occur if you are reading something that utilizes a very small font, as your eyes are straining to distinguish the letters.

3.Crossed Eyes
While this symptom is not as common as others, crossed eyes can sometimes occur in individuals who need reading glasses. This is especially true of younger people. If you notice your child’s eyes cross when he or she is reading, you should consider taking him or her to the eye doctor.

Just as someone who is nearsighted squints to look at objects far away, people who have trouble reading items up close will begin to squint. When you squint, you narrow your scope of vision to help focus on an item. This provides a short-term solution to your problem but can end up further straining and damaging your eyes.

5.Watering Eyes
One last indication that you may need reading glasses is if your eyes water as you are reading. This can happen as a result of your eyes working overtime to read fine print. The watering is your body’s way of trying to relieve the stress on your eyes.
If you notice you have any of these symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. He or she can diagnose your issue and give you a prescription for reading lenses. Many times, you can purchase glasses there at the doctor’s office, though you will probably find a wider selection and better deals online.

When you are shopping for reading glasses, keep in mind that you will probably need to carry them with you at all times. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase a protective case to prevent scratching or breaking when you toss them in your purse or briefcase. Through identifying your symptoms and seeking the help of a professional, you can pick out a pair of glasses for women that will correct your farsightedness.

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