Tricks For Straightening Your Hair With A Flat Iron

 Flat irons are a very popular tool for straightening hair. They have been around for years and have made lots of productive changes since they were first introduced a few decades ago. People can use flat irons at home or at the salon, to get the look of straight and sheen hair. There are some tips to straightening your hair with it and ways to protect it while you iron out your hair. Today, there are a few hot new flat iron models that are selling well and giving people the straight hair they want using the latest technology.

Flat irons not only straighten hair out, they can also curl and flip. The fact that irons can do three jobs in one makes them a necessity to anyone who does their hair regularly. There may be times that you want a little flip at the bottom or a few curls in the hair and times when you want your hair as straight and frizz free as possible. With so many different styles you can achieve with the flat iron, it is no wonder it has been around for so long.

Flat irons have been associated with damaging the hair. Most hair tools including the hair dryer will put wear and tear on the hair. The drying and pulling of hair using a hot heat can often leave hair feeling dry. Experts say that using styling tools on a regular basis is okay, but that it may be best to limit their use. Certainly most women would not give up their hair dryer for a day, but the flat iron is something that most women will use a few times a week.

To help your hair not get damaged while using a flat iron, it is important to use a good conditioner on your hair. Keeping your hair as moisturized as possible using creams, masks and serums will ensure that the damage caused by a flat iron is minimal. You can also try rinsing your hair in cool water before you finish your shower. The coolness will close the cuticles in the hair and prevent as much frizz as possible.

There are a few flat irons that are worth mentioning. The first is new and was just featured on `The View`, it is called Mega Hot Smart heat Nano Ceramics Straightening Iron. This iron features all kinds of hot new gadgets such as its ability to regulate its use based on hair type. Consumers can press a button to choose their hair type before using the iron. So if your hair is; course, medium, thick, fine or synthetic, this iron will adjust accordingly. It also can keep temperatures the same through-out, it is able to function on synthetic hair such as weaves, and it has rubberized heat guards for safety and a 360 swivel cord.

The GVP Ceramic flat Iron has ceramic plates and curved edges to flip, curl and straighten. It has a tangle free cord, and an ergonomic and light weight design making it easy to use. It also can maintain its temperature and has five heat settings.

There are lots of products to buy when you want to straighten your hair. The trick is to follow all the advice on the packaging to ensure accurate results are given. For most irons, you will want to pull your hair into sections and straighten it out nice and slow to get the salon results. Another great tip is to start at the root and gently pull down.

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