5 Things I Would Miss If I Would Live In A Remote Area

     One of my biggest passion is photography and to make sure that I take some great shots, I travel from time to time in new places, to discover some great landscapes and to be closer to nature. Every time I go in such I trip, I ask myself if I could ever live in a remote area, far away from all that city buzz. When Flogas, the business mains gas and meter installer, asked me the same thing, I started to think more serious at this matter and after a lot of thinking I came up with 5 things that I would probably miss the most.

1. The basics - like running water, gas, electricity, the things that we, people who live in the city, usually take for granted. All these things are vital in a household and I just couldn't see myself without them.

2. Medical assistance - as a mother, I am always alert when it comes to the health of my children. Kids can get more often sick than adults and with so many childhood diseases is always good to have a specialist close by. 

3. Internet - let's face it, the Internet has a very important part in today's society. It keeps us informed with the latest news, gets us closer to our family through Skype, helps us work from home and much other stuff. I could eventually start to get used to the fact that I won't have access to the Internet anymore, but I believe that in the beginning, it's going to be really hard. 

4. Family - living in a remote area means you're pretty much alone, so bye bye family dinners, family or friends visiting and so on and that is so depressing. I love my family and I couldn't stand not to see them at all. 

5. Stores - I am a woman, therefore, I love shopping! Simple as that! I love to go from shop to shop and look around at the latest releases and I wouldn't be able to do that living in a remote area. 

   After looking a little at this post, the answer to the question, if I could ever live in a remote area, came quickly. No, I guess I'm too much of a city girl to try something like that, but life is full of adventures, so who knows what the future may bring, never say never!

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