5 Uses Of A Chainsaw In Your Household

     Chainsaws are a powerful tool that most homeowners should consider purchasing. There are a variety of uses for a chainsaw and there are different types of chainsaws to suit an individual's strength, budget and skills. They save time and energy by making the work quicker than any other tool. If you still don't own a chainsaw, here are a few situations that will make you understand why you need it in your household asap.

Felling Trees
Cutting down trees is the first thing most people think of when a chainsaw is mentioned. This is the primary role of the larger saws. Cutting trees requires preparation and planning. Understanding how to cut and how a tree will fall is very important.

Stump Grinding
Once a tree is cut, there is often a problem with the stump that remains. Stump grinders can be expensive to rent and create a huge mess. By digging around the tree, a chainsaw can be used to cut the stump down below ground level. This may be a bit more work than bringing in a stump grinder, but there is less mess and is cheaper.

Dead Branch Removal
Cutting dead branches is also a very valuable job. Dead branches can fall and cause serious damage or injury. Dead branches may also contain parasites or disease and may threaten the entire plant. Removing dead growth promotes the overall health of the tree and reduces the risk of the branches falling.

The most underrated use of chainsaws is simply cutting big branches and logs into manageable sizes. Cutting larger branches make them safer to move and easier to dispose of. Cutting firewood is made much easier, and is a way of getting rid of the wood left behind by the previous chainsaw chores.

It can become necessary to prune trees as they grow. While this can be done manually, the labour is much more intensive than if a chainsaw is used. Cutting back branches from buildings, power lines, and other plants promote safety and plant health.

Clearing Land
In some cases, clearing the land is required. Chainsaws are the tool of choice for getting rid of a thick growth of shrubs, saplings, and other thicker plants. Chainsaws save time by getting rid of thick plants that cannot be cut by mowers and other brush cutters. Cutting out these plants will make clearing land safer and more efficient.

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