Are You Feeling All White?

There is a beauty about all-white decor. It’s the minimalism, the sense that this is a home where everything is serene and calm - where nothing is ever messy, both in terms of tidiness and the people who inhabit it. There’s a reason why white is such a common theme as you scroll through Instagram and Pinterest; it’s picturesque, perfect, unspoiled.

Of course, in reality… not so much.

What you don’t see in those carefully-cropped Instagram photos is that living with white decor can be incredibly difficult. Maintaining a blemish-free appearance is not realistic for most homes.

You know this; it makes sense. It’s difficult enough when you’re wearing white to try and keep yourself free of dust, debris, and dirt - and that’s just an outfit! Nevertheless, the soothing all-white decor keeps you dreaming. It’s impossible not to be seduced by the simplistic pleasures of white voile curtains, white TV stands for flat screen situated against a blank white wall, and white bed linen that never looks anything less than picture perfect. But could you live with it?

YES - If You’re Willing To Maintain It

There are ways and means of cutting down the maintenance on all-white decor. For example, choosing paint that is wash-friendly can remove any momentary marks or even handprints from your kids. That might add a little more effort into your cleaning routine, but at least you won’t constantly be having to bust out the paint-brush for touch-ups.

NO - If You Don’t Like Accessories

White decor tends to only work if you pick out colours with the accessories. Otherwise, rather than looking intentionally sparse in a decorative way… everything just looks sparse. To make the plainness of the rest of the decor come to life, you have to be willing to look for decorations like candles, photo frames, and even LED lighting - and that means you have to commit time to dusting them as well.

YES - You Have Minimalist Leanings

While white paint is accepted for any kind of home style in theory, in reality, there’s no doubt it works best with a minimal design. If you don’t mind the idea of sweeping away clutter and letting the large, blank spaces take centre stage, then it might work well for you.

NO - You Want Your Home To Be Easy To Maintain

Even with the right kind of paint, maintaining a white home has its problems. If you opt for white furniture to really complete the look, then it’s going to show up every single speck of dusts that lands upon it. If you’re a neat freak, this might mean you’re constantly finding yourself disturbed with the desire to wipe everything down. If you can handle a little mess in exchange for the look and feel, then it might be something you can come to terms with.

YES - You Like To Experiment With Texture

An all-white room has a tendency to look almost clinical if you don’t experiment with texture. This is best achieved with different finishes, such as textured wallpaper, furry cushions, velvet sofa throws. Putting these different textures together can be time-consuming, but if that’s your idea of fun (and for many of us it is!) then you might really enjoy making the whole room work together.

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