Easter Money Saving Tips And Tricks

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays after Christmas. Many people spend this holiday with their family and friends, which also means they get to spend quite an amount during the holiday. Unless you are careful, you could find yourself spending more money than you actually have on gifts, new clothes, and other Easter accessories. You, however, do not have to spend more than you can afford this Easter. Here are a few ways how:

1. Freebies and Coupons
Many companies give coupons and freebies with most Easter purchases. You can take advantage of the reduced prices and many available coupons to buy presents for your loved ones. You can use the coupons and coupon codes to buy toys, flowers, and anything someone else would term valuable. WOWFreeStuff has a current offer with TopCashBack, where you can get free Bailey's easter egg.  

2. Create an Easter Egg Hunt
Buy a big bag of small Easter eggs, then hide them around the house or the garden to create an egg hunt for your kids. Doing this will save you money that you would have otherwise used to buy large Easter eggs. 

3. Buy in Bulk 
Buying presents in bulk can save you more money in the long run. Tesco's for example, offer's huge savings for chocolate eggs purchased in bulk. Look out for companies offering such offers to customers, and stock up while you can. 

4. Download the Checkout Smart App
You can save even more when you download the Checkout Smart App and sign up for the first time. If you had bought chocolate eggs worth £3.00, you could then use the receipt to redeem half the amount. This means you get to save at least £1.50 on the purchase alone. 

5. Consider Personalised Eggs
If you wish to have personalised gifts for Easter, you should then opt for merchants offering discounts for the same. Thornton's, for example, provides great savings for all personalized Easter eggs that customers buy. Consider getting the 280g personalised eggs (5 of them) for £7 to save up to £15.  You can also find plenty of other Easter offers at Thornton's as well. 

6. Look out for Free Fun Day Outs
You can save much of your hard-earned cash by taking your kids for Easter egg hunts at community centers, local gardens, and libraries. Many of these centers host free fun day out activities for children during Easter, hence an excellent opportunity for your kids to have fun. 

7. Be a last-minute shopper
Although you may know this already, you can get huge discounts in supermarkets especially if you wait until the rush is over. Supermarkets tend to overstock seasonal goods for their customers, hence are forced to sell them at giveaway prices when the day is almost over at around 4 pm. Unless you are in a rush, spend the early mornings preparing food and other decorations for Easter, then take your kids to shop during happy hour. You will sure save some good money on these items. 

8. Consider Real Eggs
With everyone rushing for chocolate eggs, you can always add a twist to the egg hunt by using real eggs instead. All you need to do us buy egg painting kits at Pound land for just a £1, then boil some real eggs. Boiled eggs are hard to crack, meaning the kids will have a great time painting them, and even munch them once done playing. 

9. Homemade Treats
If you love cooking, you can then treat your family to nicely baked Easter goodies.  You could boil a few mini eggs to serve with, in freshly baked cornflake nests. Homemade treats are always the best for they give you an opportunity to explore the unknown. Many people love playing around with cornflake and crispy rice cakes for their children. The fun thing about this is that the kids can help decorate the cakes as well. 

10. Buy an Easter Egg Hunt Kit
For just a pound, you can get an Easter egg hunt kit for your children. The kit comes fully equipped with four baskets, four masks, sixteen card Easter eggs, and six-pointers. This is everything you need to make your very own and perfect egg hunt garden. 

11. Add in some Creativity
You can save some money by adding in some creativity to the whole Easter planning and spending. Easter bonnets, for example, can help add in fun activities for the children for just a few pennies. Most people take to creating their own Easter bonnets using cardboards, cut out pictures from magazines, handmade flowers, stickers, and ribbons. The kids can put on these hats while on the Easter egg hunt. 

Your kids and family can still have a good time and fun without you spending too much. As long as you are creative, and do keep an eye on freebie and coupon sites, you should do just fine.

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