Mother's Day Wishlist

  I think it's time to admit it, shopping is one of my biggest hobbies, but since time is my biggest enemies, I don't really have time to go and visit the stores as much as I would like to. Luckily, online shopping exists and makes the life of busy people and parents a lot easier. I say, parents because if your children are like mine, they probably hate to go shopping and in a way it's understandable, they're kids.
    To be completely honest with you, I enjoy shopping online more than going to an actual store, because online I have a wide range of products available, in more sizes and I can look around as much as I like without someone asking me what I want to try on. Convenient, huh? I think so too.
    Since Mother's Day is getting close, so lately I've been looking around the internet to find some items that I really want for a long time, at good prices. That's how I came across Love the Sales and boy, I am happy I did. Love the Sales bring you sales items from more than 100 retailers and over 1000 brands in real time. Imagine how much time we get to save, no more looking at hundreds of sites for the best offer, you only have one page with all the offers available at the moment.
   To be more precise, I've had on my wishlist for a few years now, some Michael Kors items and I decided that this year, it's going to be the year that I will spoil myself a little (ok, a little bit more), so here are the items that really caught my eye.

   This amazing Mickael Kors bag has just the size that I was looking for. You see, I can't carry around a small bag because I always use my bag as a diaper bag too, and this one is just what I need. A bag that will fit my stuff and some baby stuff without beeing to big, dream come true!

   A woman can never have too many shoes, right? I prefer the casual style and these lovely espadrilles and flats give me that chic look without too much effort. I especially love the snake print, so elegant!

   This Michael Kors watch has been on my wishlist for a few years. I think I developed a real obsession for it and this year I plan to make it mine.
    Since this year I have quite expensive tastes, I decided to keep my wishlist short, but I am curious, what are your wishes for Mother's Day?

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