The perfect day out at Liverpool One

   I have a confession to make, I have a small shopping addiction. Well, if you would ask my husband he will probably say that I am actually more than crazy for shopping, but it could be worse, so I'm good. Right, ladies? I thought so too!
    With this in mind, it's probably not that hard to guess what I like to do in the little spare time that I have. Don't think that I'm shopping all the time, but some shopping therapy together with some fine dining is all that it takes to make me forget a hard and busy week.
   My husband and I love to travel and we try to visit new places at least a few times per year. That way we discover new cities and we have some time for us. He likes to discover new things, to see new places, he is passionate about history and although I share his passions, I always make sure that my big passion for shopping is fulfilled, that way we are both happy. 

   You can imagine my joy when he told me that we are going to Liverpool. This city has a lot of character and plenty on things to see and do. If you love shopping as much as I do, then I would totally recommend you to visit Liverpool One. This place is every shopaholic's dream because there are over 170 shops, bars and restaurants, so Liverpool One has something for everyone!

 Paradise Street is the place to be if you are looking for a little retail shopping. Here you find the well known H&M, Zara and many others. If you're looking for the latest trends and some high-end shopping, then you should probably check out St Peter's Lane. Also, if you are a fan of Zara Home, you should probably check it out here, because it's the only store outside London.

What goes best after a long day of shopping? Yes, you got it! If you answer was good food, then I totally agree! At Liverpool One you can find something for every taste and cuisines from all around the world. So it's not heaven just for the ones that are passionate about shopping, it's a heaven place for foodies too.

 If you still have energy left after such a full day, then you really have to go to the Odeon Imax Cinema. A great movie is the perfect way to end a perfect day, don't you agree?
  Have you visited Liverpool One? Let me know your opinions about this wonderful place in the comment section below.

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