Why Starting Your Own Business Can Boost Your Self Esteem

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Jane is a college graduate but has been unable to secure a job since graduation. Ever since her first interview where she was embarrassed by her interviewers she avoided interviews like a plague. She remained dependent on her dad who didn’t mince words in telling her off when she made financial demands. In no time she withdrew to herself, avoided social interactions and slept a lot.

She nursed these extremely low self-esteem problem until her supportive boyfriend encouraged her to set up her own business. Her passion has always been hairdressing. She got a loan from her dad and set up a small hairdressing business. She got a good hairdressing insurance cover from and steadily her business bloomed. In no time, she bloomed with it, became a bright and confident young lady once again.
Self-esteem can be seen as an individual’s belief of their importance and worth, it can be low or high. Several factors determine whether an individual’s self-esteem is high or low and getting a job has been shown to be an important factor, as it boosts self confidence in multiple ways:-
  1. It improves finances, making an individual less dependant
  2. It  gives an assurance of your contribution to a cause, a general sense of responsibility
  3. It creates opportunities for regular social interactions with others,
  4. It gives a sense of belonging,
  5. It creates opportunity for learning and improving deficient skills.
A Psychotherapist Elizabeth Lombardo believes that being employed creates a feeling of being wanted and that you are improving on your finances. This alone can boost your self-confidence.
While getting employed can improve self-esteem in most cases, in some cases, employment can actually lower self-esteem. Imagine working for a boss who picks on an individual’s insecurities, not seeing anything good in what they do, penalising them without a fair hearing. These can all contribute to make that job a nightmare, and in no time affect an individual’s self-esteem. It might not even be a boss, maybe a colleague who is difficult to get along with, creates unhealthy competition, and sets you up to clash with your boss. It could also be a skill deficiency which a new job exposes, or getting a job you have no passion, every task becomes a burden. Before you know it, you begin to hate the job.
This is where owning a business comes in as the ultimate self-esteem booster. With your own business, the passion is always palpable, you dictate the tune and chart the course. You select your work hours and your contributions bring the direct result you expect and want. That way, you stop falling into the comparison trap and select only supportive people to work with.
Having the correct frame of mind is necessary when it comes to striving for success, as the power of positive thinking is proven to be linked with our ability to achieve success in both our professional and personal lives. Looking at opportunities instead of focusing on set-back allows people like Jane to achieve their dreams.

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