5 Lovely Living Room Tips

In most homes, the living room acts as the focal point. It is the place that you go to relax at the end of a hard day, the place where you invite guests to sit around and chat and the place where the whole family can come together. When it comes to decoration and design, you want to make sure that your living room is a place that is both inviting and cosy, while still expressing your own unique personality quirks. Though the idea of what makes up the perfect living room varies from person to person, here are a few ideas that you may want to incorporate in your own living room.

Colour Scheme

When it comes to living room decoration, the colour scheme is probably the first thing you will focus on. If you are aiming for a cooling effect, soft blues and pale colours give off a calming impression. If you prefer brighter colours in your living room, it is best to offset them against neutral colours in the background. For example, many people go for bright furniture but prefer whiter shades for their walls.


When the sun is shining outside, it is nice to encourage as much natural light as possible into the room with big windows. When it comes to artificial lighting, you don’t want anything too intrusive from directly above as this can act like a spotlight and disrupt the atmosphere. Lighting around the sides of the room can be used to highlight any nice features in the room such as paintings. If you are looking for a more modern approach, try LED rope lights. If you are looking for energy efficiency, there are plenty of good quality bulbs around these days.

Social Seating

One of the main aims of the living room is to act as a social environment that acts as a place where everyone is able to join in the conversation. Seating should be arranged in a way where it encourages people to chat. In many living rooms, it points towards a focal point in the room which is often the television. If you want, you could try two focal points in the space by pointing furniture at a fireplace or other attractive feature.

Personal Touches

The whole point of a living room is that it is supposed to reflect your own personality. You may choose to express this through some artwork or ornaments that you have picked up while you were travelling. You may want to display plenty of family photos around the room. Don’t display too much as it can become overwhelming, but a few items can provide a nice talking point. Try some unique shelving where you can keep books as another way of adding a touch of character to your room.

Natural Life

It is a nice idea to have some indoor plants or fresh flowers around the room for an extra burst of colour and to add a slice of nature into the room.     

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