Big Up Your Bathroom!

Admittedly, a bathroom isn’t really one of the rooms in the house that we tend to spend the most time; this crown goes to the living room and the bedroom. So when we think of rooms that need a makeover, we instantly think of these two. It can be a slog redecorating your bathroom, although one that is most certainly rewarding when it’s complete.

Colour Scheme

For bathrooms, the traditional colour schemes tend to be more whites and blues to give either a fresh, clean appearance or one that’s more nautical and water-based. The truth is, there are thousands of different colour schemes that you can choose from and you don’t have to stick to the norm. Since the rise of online mood boards such as Pinterest, there have been an influx of ways that people have chosen to decorate their bathrooms appearing which are a stray away from what’s expected. Remember to choose a paint that is specifically water-resistant and wipeable to be able to easily get rid of any mould and mildew buildup and any other stains that may try to make an appearance.

Helpful Additions

There are so many different things that you can get to go in your bathroom now which just help you lead an easier life - it’s as simple as that. Being able to take a pre-heated towel off a specially heated towel rails isn’t something that’s consigned to luxury anymore. It’s available in our own homes and should be taken advantage of! You can get waterproof mini-televisions and radios to make your shower time a bit more fun; you can even get a shower head that changes colour to turn the whole experience into a karaoke disco dream. Have a search around online for the things which you never knew that you were missing out on.  

Keep It Tranquil

You don’t want your bathroom to be busy in design - it’s meant to be a place to switch off, however much you may not have realised this. Putting pressure on our brain to engage in a room like this actually heightens stress levels. It’s not to say that you need to keep it completely minimalist, but don’t add in anything that’s overly engaging to look at.

Keeping Up Appearances

There are rooms where you can get away with mismatching your ornaments and decoration, but bathrooms don’t tend to be one of them. It tends to look disorganised and messy. There is a certain amount of symmetry and togetherness that a bathroom requires to get it looking tip top. Items like plants and flowers can really help bring any room to life, but some may be more suited to the bathroom due to the natural humidity of the room. Get some advice at your local garden centre for which plants will thrive more. Remember to be constant and vigilant in your bathroom cleaning duties - it doesn’t take long for marks to appear, especially in more neglected places like in between tiles and around the taps.

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