Blending Traditional & Modern For A Stylish Home


No matter what kind of home you have, chances are one of your main desires with it is to keep it looking as stylish as possible. This is something which is often quite difficult to achieve, or can at least take a lot of time and energy, but with the right approach you should be able to ensure that you do it in your home. When you are trying to do this, a great way is to try and blend traditional and modern throughout the house. This might sound difficult or even impossible, but with a simple approach and some basic understanding it can actually be fairly straightforward. All it takes is a little bit of imaginative creativity, and your home will soon be as stylish as ever.


There is plenty to be said for layout, and yet it so often gets in the way of what people want to achieve. If you want your home to be as stylish as you can get it, however, you will need to think at least a little about the way that things are laid out throughout the home. Traditionally, you would have plenty of furniture, perhaps of eclectic styles, which would be a great way for showing off your various tastes. But the more modern approach is to create more of a sense of space, perhaps by having relatively few items dotted around, and a layout which is more suitable for moving around rather than sitting. So how can you marry these two seemingly opposed ideas?

It’s actually fairly simple. All you need to do is to keep the modern spaciousness while ensuring that the items themselves are of a more traditional variety. Doing this gives you the best of both worlds, and it is also fairly easy to do and to make it work on the whole.


The choice you make with your materials is one of the most important aspects of all, especially when you are trying to achieve a sense of easygoing class. If you are curious as to which materials are likely to work best, in part the answer depends on your home and what you already have going on there. Still, there are certain materials which are almost always going to work in terms of keeping a traditional feel while remaining modern. One of the best examples is oak, a material which is always going to stand the test of time for as long as you might have it in your home. The best way to use oak is to make a big thing out of it - for example, a whole room where every item is made of oak. And if you use a service such as House Of Oak, you can probably save on it too.

Alternatively, you might consider going for a more modern approach. In areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, you might find that aluminium is a more suitable material  -but still one which can be used in a traditional setting.


You can tell a lot by a house by how the windows are dealt with, and one of your primary concerns is probably going to be what you cover your windows with. If you want to be truly traditional, then you will probably be looking at some drapes or curtains, but the more modern amongst you might instead opt for something like blinds. Again, it is a case of choosing whatever you think is best for each individual room. If you approach it in this manner, you will soon find that you have created the perfect balance for each room in your home - and therefore, the house as a whole will be balanced too.


Lighting is actually a relatively contentious area, as very few people seem to know how to do it well enough to be of merit. Still, if you are just keen on making your home more stylish, this is another area where you can learn to marry traditional and modern styles for a unique combined look. Lighting comes in many forms, and often this is part of people’s confusion, but you need to make sure that you are choosing your lighting carefully - it really does make or break an entire room, and sometimes the whole home. Consider going relatively low-key in any living areas, and something more modern and white-tinted in private spaces. This should provide you with a fairly good balance which everyone approves of. If not, you might want to consider warmer colours all round, as this will ensure that your lighting is doing everything it needs to.

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