Introducing a Family Friendly Library to Your Home

If you’re someone who loves to settle down with a good book and escape for a while, then you may also be someone who has a large collection of classic books that seem to find themselves in odd places around the house. Books are one of the hardest things to keep neat and tidy, as even though they are the perfect shape and size to display on a beautiful bookcase or shelf, they often don’t stay in one place and this can result in them being lost, damaged or simply forgotten about. Introducing a family friendly home library to your interiors is the perfect way to create a space dedicated to displaying all of your favourite books in one place, as well as creating a space that will encourage the rest of your family to get involved with reading some good books! As with any interiors, there are a few key things to consider to ensure your mini library is as neat, inviting and aesthetically pleasing as possible!

Suitable Location
When it comes to choosing the location for your library, it’s important to take the layout of your home and positioning of other rooms into consideration. It’s best to choose an area of your home that is quieter, as this will enable you to read in peace and quiet without any distractions. If you’re adding your library to a room that is already in use such as your living room, home office or dayroom, then select a quiet area of the room to position the bookcases and a comfortable seating arrangement.
Colour Scheme
Creating a room that is cosy and relaxing is exactly what you want when it comes to a library. Focus on introducing gentle colours that help to keep your mind relaxed but also encourage you to concentrate properly. Stick to soft, neutral colours and try to avoid bright, bold colours like orange, green and blue, as these can be distracting and can prevent you from being able to concentrate properly on your reading. Popular library colours include mahogany, dark green, brown, beige and other deep colours that also add a traditional touch to the décor and will add character and style to the room.
Furniture Choices
Designing your library is just like any other room in the home. There are all kinds of décor features to consider, one of which is the furniture. There are different approaches you can have to library décor, from a minimalist look with a single oak bookcase and grand leather chair to sit and read in, or a bold arrangement of bookcases stood tall, filled with hundreds of classic novels. Take into consideration the shape and size of your room and figure out which layout will work best. Once you know the desired layout, you can look at investing in some traditional oak pieces, or beautiful glass cabinets with sleek shelving, dependant on the interior style you want to go for.
Sort Your Books
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a large selection of books, displayed neatly in alphabetical order. Whilst it may seem like a huge effort to sit and sort your books into order, it’s a really beneficial step to take. By taking the time to sort your books into order of genre, author or title, you can create a really bold, inviting feel within your library, as well as giving your library the wow-factor! You’ll also find that till will help with your decision on what to read next, as you’ll be able to find the desired book with ease and keep track of what you have.
Family Friendly Touches
Encouraging additional members of your family to read is really important, and with a stylish, inviting library in your home, they really have no excuse not to! For those with younger children, introducing a smaller, easily accessible bookcase of shelving unit filled with their favourite books will help give them some independence and enable them to use the library on their own. You could even look at adding some smaller, comfortable chairs for them to sit on whilst they read, as this will give them a sense of belonging and make them feel included in this area of the home.

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