Preparation Is Key: How To Ensure Your DIY Looks Like A Professional Job

When it comes to our homes, we all want to have the very best we can afford. However, not all of us have the budget for interior designers and professional painters. This means we are going to rely on DIY and, as you might have seen on the internet, there are thousands of DIY disasters every day. From terrible finishes to physical accidents. Doing it yourself is not as easy as it sounds. However, if you follow some simple rules, then you should end up with beautiful results that you can be proud of.

Before you even think about picking up a paintbrush or choosing a color, you need to have a plan. This should take into account everything from which room you are going to start with, how you are going to manage any large deliveries and your room measurements and dimensions. It also needs to include your financial and time budget. When you are going to take on the work, how long it will take you to get the materials and if you need to hire in any tools to do the preparation.

Once you have that all set in stone, you should pick out your color theme. Is this going to be something which flows through your whole house, or will it be unique to this room? Paint changes under the light, so you need to take all the colors you loved out of the store and test them on at least 2 of the walls in your home. Make sure you check the paint on the brightest area and the darkest area. This will give you a good idea of how the shade will look in your home.

Preparation is key here. If you need to cut anything, then measure it twice and cut it once. For walls that you are painting, ensure you have cleaned them with sugar soap to get rid of all the grease, fill any holes and when dry, sand back to flat. You can wash your walls down with a slightly abrasive cloth; this will give your paint a little more to stick too. Make sure you key up all woodwork and use a sanding pad to sharpen up the edges, especially of any skirting boards. This will make a lovely clean line which will deliver a professional look.

Take your time when measuring for curtains and ensure you have the exact drop lengths that you like. Even being just an inch off will give you a strange finish to a room and make it look uneven. So take your time with getting it right. Especially if you are paying someone to make you a beautiful set of drapes. Your preparation is the difference between perfect and makes do.

Just because you aren’t an expert in something, or it is your first attempt at interior design, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to do a job that looks like an expert has been in. Take your time and get as many tips from the top as you can. Then create the perfect home of your dreams.

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