Tips In Planning The Perfect Holiday

  Let's be honest for a second here and admit that we are living days in which Social Media is a big part of our life. We buy things because we saw them on Instagram, we like to show our followers the nicest foods that we eat, or the nicest places that we visit, it's all very exciting. I get it, I love to watch for this kind of pictures myself and as a little secret, I love to follow people that travel a lot, because I can discover new places through their pictures.

   Speaking of travel pictures, have you decided where do you want to spend your summer holiday? In case you are still deciding, I thought it would be nice to put together a list of tips that will help you plan the perfect holiday in no time. Ready? Let's go!

 1. Choose the right destination for your needs - You like hiking or maybe you just want to lay in the warm sand with a cocktail in your hand? The first step to enjoying your vacation is to learn what works for you and to choose the destination that suits best your needs. If you enjoy the nice weather and you want to see more places in the same trip, a cruise will be an ideal choice. Iglu Cruise travel to a lot of lovely destinations, so make sure you check them out.

2. Make plans in advance - It is very important that you plan your trip in advance, that way you are prepared for anything that might come up and you will find solutions faster. You should consider how much money do you want to spend on this trip and what places do you want to visit.

3. Don't book at the last moment - I did it and it cost me a lot of money and one time, I had to give up my holiday because the weren't any spots available. In conclusion, don't be like me! Book your trip in advance, that way you know you have your spot assured and nothing can go wrong.

4. Do a little research - Do not go to places you know completely nothing about without doing some research first. Before visiting a place make sure you know the type of climate to expect, the activities you can do there, how safe is the place etc.
  I guide myself after these tips every time I go on a holiday and they have proven to be very useful. What other travel tips would you add to my list?

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