3 Incredible Ways To Save Space

Saving space is important whether you have a tiny home or something more substantial. We tend to fill the space we have, and a house of any size can begin to get cluttered up if we’re not careful. A cluttered home doesn’t exactly make us feel relaxed, so use the following 3 tips to save space!

Live A Minimal Lifestyle
Living a minimal lifestyle is so beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only will you save money on things like clothes and home accessories, you will also save so much effort when tidying and organizing your home. It isn’t boring like some people think - you can still have a great looking home while keeping it minimal. It can be hard to get used to this way of life, but pretty addictive once you’re into it!

Make The Most Of Your Vertical Space
Making the most of your vertical space can help you to have so much more floor space. You can do this by using hanging storage in the bathroom, and putting up shelves and things in the garage and other rooms of the home. The more you use your vertical space, the more floor space you’ll have to play with.

Buy Furniture That Doubles Up
There’s no getting away from furniture shopping, but you can save money by buying furniture that doubles up. For example, a bed that opens up to fit lots of different things underneath it. Take a look at the infographic below for more incredible space saving tips!

Credit to Furl Space Saving Furniture

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