Around A Home In 8 Rooms

Deciding on styles and decor schemes to use in different rooms can take up a lot of imagination and creativity. Sometimes, all that inspiration might be hard to come by, and you could be totally at a loss for ideas on how to decorate your home. To help you out, I’ve put together this guide that covers some great decorating tips for eight common rooms.



Even though we spend most of our time sleeping in the bedroom, it should still be light and airy as this is the best type of environment to relax in. You will find that adding blackout blinds and removing any TV and computer screens will also improve your sleep environment.


Kitchens need to be practical and hygienic. Generally speaking, wipeable materials such as granite and marble are best for worktops and surfaces. It’s also a good idea to stick to wood and other hard materials for the floors as food can be trampled into carpets.


Bespoke bathroom installation will make a really big difference to the overall appearance of this room. To help yours really stand out, go for some elegant finishing touches, such as chrome finishings and natural materials.

Dining Room

If you love hosting dinner parties, then your dining room will be an essential part of your home. Open the space up with plenty of mirrors and light curtains on the window. Add some elegant chests of drawers or side tables so that you have some surfaces where you can place platters and serve food from.

Living Room

Is there a more chilled-out room than the living room? Make sure you can unwind in yours with plenty of fabrics. For example, add some blankets and cushions to your sofa so that you can snuggle up in the evenings. Some fluffy mats and rugs will feel great under bare feet, and can add bursts of colour.



Bring the outside into your conservatory by adding lots of houseplants and vases full of flowers. If you aren’t sure of an overall theme for your conservatory or sun lounge, go for a French country look. You can recreate this by decorating it in whites and light blues. Add some wicker furniture for an extra provincial feel.


A study needs lots of books! So consider investing in a sturdy bookcase. As this is a place for work, you will be well-served by a functional desk and office chair. But make sure the room doesn’t become too stuffy - add plenty of wall art to liven it up a bit.  


Your hallway is where guests will make their first impression of your home. There shouldn’t be any clutter, such as excess shoes or piles of coats. You will be able to find lots of discreet storage units that will fit perfectly into variously sized hallways.

So there you have it - we’ve made it all the way around a home in just eight rooms! Hopefully, this journey around a home has helped you think of some great ideas for your next decorating project!

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