Crafting A More Ethical Home Space For You And Your Children

Building a home, flood it with the love it deserves and making the space worthy of a family is one of the most emotionally satisfying endeavours you can pursue. There’s just nothing quite like tailoring your home space to be suitable for your family and thinking of all the milestones your family will pass in the future. It’s truly an exciting time. This feeling is emphasised if you have just moved into a new space.

How will you decorate it?
How can you ‘baby-proof’ it for the little one you’re expecting?

Another question worth asking yourself that might have evaded you until now is ‘how can I best decorate and furnish my home in an ethical manner?’

What do we mean by this? First, we have to define what we mean by ethical and how it relates to the home space.

Ethical action is the thoughtful action intended to reduce harm or act on moral principles. Is there a way a house can be more ‘moral?’ When it comes to the environment and safety of your occupied space, yes. Improving both of those can be considered ethical. This further extends to home upgrades, renovations or extensions.

If you inhabit an older house, taking the time to readjust certain structural elements could be worthwhile in increasing the safety and carbon footprint of your property. An example would be asbestos removal. Removing toxic materials from your home is ethical because you are making an investment in improving the safety of those who enter the building.

Ensuring that your roof’s leak is fixed within a matter of days is an ethical action, because it prevents the leak from corrupting the structural integrity of the ceiling, and thus improves safety.

But what other methods could you take in order to more make your home space ethical? Here are a few ideas.

Renewable Energy

To lessen your environmental footprint, using renewable energy solutions are your best bet. For an initial investment, you’ll lessen your energy demands and decrease the weight of your energy bill. Using a product to maintain and store your solar demands such as Stor –edge powered by the Tesla Powerwall could help you further save on your energy requirements.

Toxins Cleaning Products

If you use standard cleaning products, there’s a chance they carry toxins that are unhealthy to expose to yourself or your children. Switching to neutrally PH balanced toxin less cleaning products will help you mitigate this.

Disabled Access

How is the access to your property? Does it have disabled access, or is there an unyielding staircase leading to your front door? Taking methods to make your house accessible to those less manoeuvrable helps you host a wider range of people.

Safety For Children

If your house is under construction, be sure cordoned off zones are impossible to pass by even the most unruly child. Ensure you clear up any sharp objects in your garden. Store cleaning products higher than they can reach. Finally, make sure sharp edges of furniture like tables are sanded down or coated with a foam covering.

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to experience a story of familial growth that would make anyone jealous.

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