Don’t Try This At Home: 5 DIY Jobs To Avoid

DIY is a cost-effective and fun way to get your house looking the way you want it to. All you have to do is grab yourself a hammer and some nails and you’re away! The problem with some DIY jobs is that they involve an element of danger and if you do not know how to control those hazards things can go horribly wrong.
Here is a list of 5 DIY jobs that you should never attempt by yourself. These are the jobs that require professionals with specialist knowledge and training. Your home and your safety are at risk if you ignore this!

  1. Anything to do with electricity
Electricity is dangerous! That innocent looking cable hides thousands of volts that can cause you serious harm. If you get an electrical job wrong, you risk getting electrocuted and that can be fatal. It is also possible to get electrical burns and to cause house fires because of botched electrical work.
If you just want to erect some Christmas lights or change a plug then get some good advice and have a go. However, if you want to change a light socket or anything more complicated than that you need Bailey Pollock Electrical Services to complete the job safely.
  1. Anything to do with gas
Gas is almost as dangerous as electricity. You may not get electrocuted but you do risk causing an explosion and the results of that are disastrous. You may also cause a gas fire or boiler to function incorrectly. When things go wrong with gas appliances, they can give off a deadly gas called carbon monoxide. This is both odourless and colourless so you won’t know you are breathing it in. Sadly, some carbon monoxide poisonings have been fatal. Something as simple as blocking up a flue can cause a deadly situation so call in the experts and have them install a gas flow meter so you can better detect future issues like gas leaks.
  1. Anything to do with water
If you know what you are doing and you have the correct tools you could have a go at tightening up a loose tap but for anything more serious you need to call in the experts. Water leaks can cause a huge amount of damage in a home in a short space of time. Water and electricity do not mix. Therefore, electrical fires are also a possibility. If you need to move any pipes around, you need to call in a qualified plumber.
  1. Anything at height
Working at a height requires expertise and the correct equipment. You need specialist ladders to reach the gutters and the roof of your house. Do not risk your life by trying to do this work yourself. Call in a specialist roofing firm to do it for you.
  1. Anything to do with drains
You are not allowed to mess around with drains unless you know what you are doing. If you are changing drains, the Building Control Department at your local council needs to be informed. Call in an expert to prevent a very messy disaster!

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