Everything You Need to Know About Shaker Kitchens

When you imagine a warm and cosy traditional kitchen, there’s almost always one style that will come to mind and that’s Shaker. Shaker kitchens have a very classy appearance, with minimal details and sophisticated functionality which enables you to create a kitchen that is both timeless and welcoming. The minimalist décor style makes it very easy to introduce contemporary touches, which enhance the traditional style and help to put your own personal stamp on the room.

A Little History
Shaker kitchen design originates from a group of United Society Believers, who were formally known as the ‘Shakers’. They were a religious group back in the 18th century, based in England, who then emigrated to America to spread their beliefs and practices. Shakers were very skilled when it came to craftmanship, with a keen eye for detail and the ability to produce hand spun furnishings that were both durable and stylish. The main focus behind the Shakers designs were simplicity, keeping it clear to the naked eye exactly how much time and work had been put into the crafting. Sticking to their ethos of keeping things simple and inexpensive, the Shakers would use locally sourced timber such as pine and maple, coating the material in paint or a light stain, resulting in the Shaker style décor.
The Shaker Look
You’ll find that in every home, Shaker décor looks traditional, sophisticated and simple. This emphasises the ethos that the Shakers had and enables their true design work to continue on through the generations. Shaker kitchens are wooden, often maple, pine or cherry, and are designed with panelled doors and often sides. Shaker kitchens today are either left natural and varnished to protect the wood from staining or scratches, or they are painted in a traditional colour, often pastel shades. Shaker kitchen units can also be complimented by beautiful oak worktops and handles to finish off the units beautifully.
Suitable Storage Options
One very beneficial thing about Shaker style kitchens is the storage options. With Shaker kitchens, you are provided with neat, large cupboards that offer plenty of space to store essential kitchen items. The Shakers were strong believers in everything having its own place, which has resulted in Shaker kitchens today having ample amounts of storage space for everything in your kitchen that needs a home. This traditional kitchen décor style is also very easy to add details to, such as neat wooden poles for hanging aprons, oven gloves and even kitchen towels and so on.
Painting Shaker Units
As mentioned above, Shaker kitchens are often designed with a traditional colour scheme to match the warm and welcoming feel the Shakers wanted to create. The most common Shaker colour palettes are light, pastel colours such as light green, light blue, cream and light grey. The most important thing when opting for coloured Shaker units is to keep the surrounding areas neutral. For example, if your units are a light green, you want your walls to be a light cream colour to prevent any colour clashing. Keeping the area light and neutral will also ensure the room feels bright and airy too.

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