Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Wanted

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a begrudging home-cook, it’s always nice to have a few things which can make your life significantly easier. There are so many things on the market made for entirely the purpose of saving the home cook a few seconds every day, whether it’s the avocado slicer or the garlic peeler. But there are a few gadgets which, once they’re in your life, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. From a boiling tap to an electric wine opener, here are just a few things you don’t even know you want - yet.

Rolling pin guides
If you’re a proper British pie lover, you’re going to want to keep on reading. How often do you struggle to get your pie cases perfectly round and perfectly uniformed, the whole way over? It can seem like you have the option of one or the other. Well, there’s no need to struggle with this any more. Rolling pin guides are plastic rings which fit around the ends of your rolling pins, making it impossible to roll any more than you have to. Now you can be the pie chef you’ve always wanted to be! With various sizes available, you’ll always get the perfect pastry thickness, every time. That means no more soggy bottoms!

A boiling tap
When you’re a hectic mum with many little mouths to feed and a busy schedule, any time-saving device can make a difference. When you don’t have to boil the kettle to make yourself an essential cup of coffee, and you can boil potatoes or vegetable that much quicker, it can make a real difference to your life. Boiling taps, such as those on are becoming increasingly popular home gadgets, and it’s not difficult to see why. With the ease they offer, and the time you can save, it’s becoming a bit of a kitchen essential.

Electric jar opener
Do you often start opening a jar of something or other, only to be left feeling like a wimpy, muscle-less toddler? Having to swallow pride to ask for manly help can be more humiliation than we’re willing to bear, so while it’s not a completely necessary kitchen addition, an electric jar opener (maybe stored in a secret place) could be just the gadget you need. It’s not a huge investment, and if it means you can offer jam when the kids are screaming for it, then it’s probably a worthy expenditure.

Flat-folding whisk
Space can be a real luxury in a modern kitchen, so anything which takes up less space or helps cupboards or drawers to be used for efficiently is a winner. Whisks are especially awkward, taking up huge amounts of drawer space but nothing but air, and offering only irregular (but frankly, necessary) use in return. The flat-folding whisk is a revelation. The outside arms (wings? twizzly-bits?) fold in so the entire thing can be laid flat, taking up no more space than a fish slice. There’s not much more to say on the subject, other than the celebrate the fact that some genius saw this gap in the market, and went for it.

Electric wine opener
Ever got to the end of a particularly trying day, desperate for a glass of wine, but barely had the energy to open the bottle? Well, someone somewhere has got you covered. All you have to do is attach the electric wine bottle opener to the top of the bottle, turn it on, et voila, a bottle of wine where you can access its delicious goodness, without having all the hassle of a bottle opener. All you have to do is remember to buy batteries.

A slow cooker
If you’ve never used a slow cooker, or crock pot, you don’t know what you’re missing. For busy mums, they’re a kitchen appliance sent from heaven. Throw all of your delicious ingredients in at the beginning of the day, meat, carbs, and sauce, plug it in, pop it on low, and come back at dinner time to a full cooked, healthy meal which required basically no work. Obviously, you can get more or less creative with it, depending on how you feel or how much time you have, but the basic premise always remains the same. So if cooking healthy meals for your family every day can be a bit of a chore, give a slow cooker a go. They are inexpensive and so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the move sooner.

While it’s nice to do some things in the kitchen by hand, you’re not going to turn down a bit of help from technology every now and then. What are some kitchen gadgets you swear by?

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