So Your Teen Wants To Go Traveling?

What are the worst words you can hear your teen say when you’re a parent? I hate you? I’m pregnant? Or maybe it’s more like, Mum, I want to go traveling? Although you want to get through being the parent of a teenager in one piece, we all know that there are going to be ups and downs along the way. And, at some point, you have to recognize that they’re turning into a miniature adult (as scary as that feels). So, when your teen tells you that they’d like to travel around Europe when they finish school and head to college, or even take a year out, here’s what to do.

 Go Over Safety

First things first, you’re going to need to have that sit down safety talk with them. And yes, expect a lot of eye rolls and ‘I know Mom’s, because they will probably come flying at you thick and fast. But you still need to have the talk. From staying safe in crowds, to staying in hostels and keeping your money covered up, you’ve got to go over it all - as well as drinking responsibly (18 is the legal age in Europe, remember) If you can’t show them you love them by being overprotective, how can you?

Plan With Them

With that out the way, you’re going to want to start planning with them as soon as possible. Your teen might have their own ideas of how this trip is going to go, but you want to make sure that you can ensure they are safe and enjoy themselves at the same time. Whether you’re looking for cheap flights to Prague to start them off, or a return journey back from Paris, there’s got to be a defined start and finish to the trip. The rest can be as creative as they like.

Make Them Pay

Now, this is where it can get a little touchy. Do they expect you to pay? We can only hope not. If they want to be able to do big and ambition things like travel the world, it’s important that they know how to pay for it (or at least some of it). So if they don’t already have a job, they’re going to need to get one. Or three. And you never know, there’s every chance your teen will surprise you and have already saved up the entire amount.

Help Them Pack

With a plan in place and the money to pay for it, you then need to think about what your teen can take with them. When you go backpacking, you don’t overly have a lot of room to take stuff with you. So, every item counts and make sure the remember that. They might want to take a lot of luxuries, but the basics, survival and safety items should always come first.

Stay In Touch

And finally, you’re going to need to agree on a reliable way to stay in touch. Whether you ask for weekly emails or a phone call every other day, you need to establish the kind of communication you expect from them so that you know that they’re okay, but so that they can still have a bit of freedom on their travels.

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