Tips For Choosing The Best School For Your Child


 Deciding which school to send your kids to is a big decision. Here are a few tips to help you with the process of choosing a school.  

Should distance be a barrier?

Not everyone has a good choice of schools of their immediate area. Some people will take drastic measure to get the school of their choice including moving home to nearby or simply making children travel for hours in the morning. In all cases, you shouldn’t let your fussiness dictate where your child goes – if they’re not as fussed and would prefer to go somewhere local, moving away or getting them to travel afar could do more damage than good.

Of course, a short trip on a bus shouldn’t be discounted. You can look online to get an idea of the school bus services in your area. If you’re driving your kid to school, consider whether it’s practical around work or home commitments.

How important are good grades?

All schools will strive to get good results, although not all schools will achieve this. There are many schools known for their excellent school results – they can often be more competitive and may require stricter entry requirements. If your child isn’t a high-achiever when it comes to grades, be realistic when pursuing these schools.

Grades are important, but even the lowest ranking schools will always try to accommodate for their smartest pupils. Perhaps the biggest advantage of schools with better grades is that they may have better resources to deal with the higher percentage of smarter pupils and there may be more chance to meet friends on the same level.

Visiting schools

Taking a visit to schools is a necessity as it will show you what these schools really have on offer. All the staff will try to be on their best behaviour on an open day and the headmaster will probably give a polished and convincing speech. Try to look beyond all this in order to get an idea of what the school is really like. When going around classes, the teacher may seem enthusiastic and the kids may seem well-behaved – but this may be an act. Pay attention to the condition of the classroom and whether it looks neglected. Feel free to quiz pupils about what they think of the school. Also quiz the teachers, more so than the head. It’s these teachers that your kids will be spending most time with after all.

Find your niche

Some schools are more specifically catered to certain areas. They may market themselves as a sciences specialist college or a languages school. Your kid may have no idea what they want to do with their life yet – why should they? However, if they do have a keen interest already such as music or art and this speciality of the school, it could be worth taking this into serious account. For some, catholic schools or specialist disability catered schools might be better suited.

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